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Probe Emotion in Tanzania

Ashley Doria. Photo by Ohio University, Rob Hardin.
Ashley Doria. Photo by Ohio University, Rob Hardin.

New Field Called Emotional Geography

Ashley Doria's graduate research is a seamless blend between Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies alongside Geography, an exciting new field called Emotional Geography. Emotional Geography is a line of theoretical inquiry that focuses on how physical surroundings impact and influence relational interaction and emotional processing.

Doria utilizes this theoretical lens in her research, which is centered on Maasai women, an ethnic group living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. "Maasai women can use their emotion to think about reproduction, ownership, and family," says Doria, all concepts that are influenced by available resources and space.

"Just because power dynamics may be geared toward men, it is interesting to see how women still find efficacy and agency," says Doria.