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Environment, Sustainability and Planning

Environment, Sustainability and Planning photo of urban environment

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The decisions that we make every day affect the quality of our world. Classes in environment, sustainability, and planning will help students to understand and to think critically about the developed and natural world and strategies for balancing environmental quality, economic development, and social equity.

Students of these sub-fields are concerned with a diverse array of questions, such as:

  • How will climate change impact the future of our natural and built environments?
  • How can we design and retrofit cities to be efficient, affordable, equitable, and environmentally sustainable?
  • How can communities develop in a way that respects and supports the natural environment?

Geography classes in environment, sustainability, and planning can help students to explore a wide range of interests, from ?smart cities? that use cutting-edge technology to enhance energy efficiency, to rural areas that engage in community-based management of limited water resources.

What students of these areas have in common is an intense interest in the world around them and a desire to understand and balance the needs of humans and nature.