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The Geography Department offers a master's-only graduate program, giving students the opportunity to work closely with faculty. The program fully prepares graduates for professional positions or a Ph.D. program.

Graduate Study in Geography at Ohio University

The Geography Department offers master's degrees (M.S. and M.A.) that prepares students for professional positions in government and the private sector, or to pursue a Ph.D.

The program has many strengths, including its flexibility, the close working relationships between faculty members and students, and interdisciplinary connections with International Studies, Environmental Studies, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

The department has approximately 20 graduate students, most of whom receive financial aid from the department or elsewhere on campus.

Geography's faculty members are engaged researchers and excellent teachers. The diverse specializations of the faculty create numerous opportunities for students. Many of the theses written by our students fall within these specializations:

  • Environmental Geography (environment and society, resources)
  • Geospatial Techniques (GIS, cartography, remote sensing)
  • Development and Economic Geography (gender, globalization, migration)
  • Physical Geography (biogeography, geomorphology, meteorology/climatology)
  • Cultural/Historical Geography
  • Regional specializations in Africa, East Asia, Latin America, and Northern Europe (Six faculty conduct research overseas.)

A low student-to-faculty ratio and the department's emphasis on the master's programs facilitate close working relationships among faculty and students. Numerous students have published from their thesis with their adviser. Students also benefit from interacting with students from Environmental Studies and the five programs in International Studies.

Ohio University is a beautiful and historic campus located in the Appalachian foothills. Athens is a progressive (and affordable) community with numerous cultural and natural amenities.