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Geography capstone presentations, Spring 2023
Geography Undergraduate Degrees

Geography Degrees to Predict Weather, Combat Climate Change, and Map our World

Planet Earth is always changing – in no small part because of humans! Rising temperatures, natural disasters, and destructive development are just a few examples. These changes can seem too mysterious to grasp, and issues like climate change and deforestation may seem impossible to fix.

But a geography degree from Ohio University unveils the core causes of these kinds of challenges and empowers you to make a positive difference for people and the planet at the same time.

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Athens Weather by OHIO Students

Data from the Scalia Lab weather station in Athens, OH. Data updates every two minutes.


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Careers in Geography

Curious what you can do with a geography degree? For starters, geography graduates will have no shortage of high-paying, respectable career choices, especially if they concentrate their studies on a particular major or field. A few examples of exciting geography jobs include:

  • Meteorologist
  • Climate change analyst
  • GIS and Geospatial analyst
  • Data specialist
  • Environmental consultant
  • Urban and regional planner
  • Waste and pollution manager
  • Conservationist or census specialist
  • International development specialist
  • Cartographer

Get more career information at the American Association of Geographers website

Geography - Meteorology major Madelynn Zarembka interned with Delta Air Lines at their headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.
Geography - Meteorology major Madelynn Zarembka interned with Delta Air Lines at their headquarters in Atlanta, Ga.

Post-grad Opportunities for Geography Majors

Geography majors at Ohio University pursue diverse paths after graduation, including continuing their education at Ohio University through our geography graduate programs.

If the science of physical or environmental geography fascinates you or you want to master geographic information science, our Master of Science in Geography is an excellent choice. It can prepare you for career opportunities related to environmental or climate change — or to pursue advanced research in a Ph.D. program.

If you want to dive deeper into human geography, our Master of Arts in Geography is a good choice. Available with both thesis and non-thesis completion options, our M.A. students are prepared to launch careers in nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and international organizations that emphasize human geography subfields, environmental justice, and urban development.

Get Hands-on Experience with Your Geography Degree

Our geography programs provide important experiential learning opportunities for students. What you learn in the class is also valuable and applicable in the field, so you’ll get the chance to participate in research projects, collect data, and give back.

  • Complete at Least One Internship

    Most geography students complete at least one internship, though many complete multiple internships to gain additional skills and experience. By the time they graduate, they’re well prepared for their jobs — and commonly impress employers right out of the gate.

  • Use State-of-the-Art Geography Research Facilities

    Students benefit from state-of-the-art equipment at laboratories and facilities for geography research. From the beginning of your geography studies, you’ll have what you need to undertake research projects, study geographical data and weather patterns, and get experience on the same work you’ll accomplish in your professional future.

  • Earn Credits for Geography Research

    Don’t forget the plethora of geography research trips and projects you can participate in! In fact, you can contribute your research experience to your degree’s credit total, accelerating your progress and enriching your education. Or complete a senior thesis and earn Departmental Honors.

  • Join Geography Student Organizations

    Connect with fellow geography students when you join geography clubs and student organizations. Take advantage of opportunities like the Geography Club and the award-winning American Meteorological Society Chapter! They’re great ways to broaden your social network and dive deep into the industry before your career begins.

  • Attend the Geography Research Fair

    Each fall semester, geography students can attend the Geography Research Fair, the perfect place to showcase the fruits of your geography research and collaborate with peers, professors and professionals from around the state.

  • Forecast the Weather with the Scalia Lab

    Get your first experience forecasting the weather at Ohio University's Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis. You'll have access to national weather service plus OHIO's own weather station data. Scalia is the region's only local 24-hour weather station.

Why Choose a Geography Degree?

It’s no secret that our planet faces immense challenges in the future, many of which are directly due to human activity. Understanding and resolving these challenges quickly is vital for the United States and people around the globe. If you’ve always been fascinated with geographical processes, the complex nature of weather systems, or how human activity impacts ecological growth or decay, a bachelor’s degree in geography is a phenomenal choice.

Depending on your concentration, you’ll get the tools you need to make a real difference, whether that’s through helping cities and nations build carefully and sustainably, devising new ways to combat climate change, or helping at-risk people anticipate or avoid the risk of disasters like drought, floods, and more. A geography degree from Ohio University opens doors for your future and enables you to do meaningful work that can benefit everyone.

Student Support Resources for Geography Majors

Geography majors at Ohio University quickly find that their faculty members are supportive experts, ready to provide one-on-one mentorship and professional guidance as needed — even beyond each student’s assigned College of Arts & Sciences success advisor. Our faculty is also extremely diverse, reflecting the natural diversity in human populations worldwide.

These diverse perspectives enable geography faculty to assist first-generation students or those from underrepresented groups. Meanwhile, geography students can explore various forms of funding, such as the Geography Study Away Fund, geography research grants, and scholarships.

The OHIO Experience for Geography Majors

At Ohio University, studying geography isn’t just studying maps, geographical processes, or any other single aspect of this broad field. Indeed, every geography student at OHIO benefits from a rich, well-rounded education that combines the science-relevant and human-focused sides of geography, regardless of concentration or program.

Because of the comprehensive focus of our geography programs, graduates emerge as strong critical thinkers, ready to help solve some of the biggest problems facing the planet, ranging from climate change to sustainable urban development. These valuable degrees may lead you to unexpected yet fulfilling destinations you never could have anticipated or plotted on any map!