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Sonia Ferrier with her senior capstone presentation
Geography Seniors Present 2019 Capstones

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Chase tornadoes. Plan Sustainable Cities. Map Satellite Data.

Which of the Seven Geography Majors Is Right for You?

Bridging the natural and social sciences, Geography is the interdisciplinary study of environments, and how people interact with the environment.

Environmental Geography—Are you a budding environmentalist? Whether it's climate change, deforestation, or environmental justice that concerns you, geography offers a diverse mix of human, physical, and techniques courses to prepare you for a rewarding career in the environmental field.

Environmental Pre-Law—Is a legal career in your future? But you also want to save the world from environmental disaster? Why not combine the two? It's possible in the Geography Department. You won't find a program like this anywhere else in Ohio.

Geographic Information Science—Do you love keeping up with the latest technology? Does the idea of analyzing, interpreting, and mapping satellite data appeal to you? Whether it's the retreat of glaciers or the advance of urban sprawl you'll be on the cutting edge with this major or certificate.

Geography—Are you a big picture person? You love studying volcanoes and earthquakes one day but are fascinated by the planet's cultural and ethnic diversity, too? Now you don?t have to choose! Explore Earth's human and physical environments by earning a B.A. or B.S. in Geography.

Globalization and Development—Another world is possible. In fact, it's already emerging across the "global south." Globalization and Development majors are prepared to play a positive role in the social and environmental challenges facing Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Meteorology—Warm fronts, cold fronts, hurricanes, tornadoes, climate change. Need we say more? Don't forget to bring your calculus and physics textbooks with you. You're going to need them. Forecasting and hands-on instruction in Scalia Laboratory are part of the package.

Urban Planning and Sustainability—Half the world's population now lives "urban." If we want to live more sustainably in the future, we need to make our cities more economically viable, livable, and just places. Think Portlandia. Field opportunities in Baltimore and Edinburgh, Scotland.

About Geography Undergraduate Programs

Within Geography, students may pursue one of several majors. During the course of their education, many Geography majors complete an internship, or participate in faculty research projects. In Meteorology, there are numerous opportunities for real-time forecasting, and on-air broadcasting experience. A strong focus on undergraduate education is central to each of our major tracks.

The Geography Department has a very strong undergraduate program currently serving about 200 majors. It offers various major tracks, which provide students the opportunity to focus on the aspect of geography that interests them the most, while also obtaining a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the discipline as a whole. The department also offers a geography minor, meteorology minor, and geographic information science (GIS) certificate.

The department is committed to excellence in both teaching and advising. Several faculty members have received teaching awards, and faculty are known across campus for the quality of their advising. As a geography major, students meet one-on-one with their faculty adviser every semester during advising week, and they are always welcome to talk with their adviser at any time throughout the semester whenever questions may arise. In addition to advising students about their academic programs, the department provides timely information about internships, nationally competitive awards, and other opportunities as they arise. Many students complete internships, and several over the last few years have received nationally competitive awards.

Faculty are happy to answer any questions students might have about these programs of study, the department, or the field of geography. Contact the Undergraduate Chair, Dr. Yeong Kim, with any questions.

Note: If you declare a Geography major, the Undergraduate Chair will assign you an adviser who will work with you to develop a plan to complete both the University General Education requirements and courses within your major.