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Geography Graduate Courses & Resources



  • Thesis Proposal Defense Form [PDF]. Students should take this form to their thesis proposal defense, which should take place by the end of their first year, or no later than the fifth week of their third semester (excluding summer). This form is to be signed after the thesis committee approves the proposal, then delivered to the department's Administrative Specialist.
  • Thesis and Dissertation Services. Students must follow Thesis and Dissertation Services instructions on completing the thesis. They should familiarize themselves with the requirements and deadlines as soon as they start to write their thesis. The following two forms are required for the defense and must be submitted to the Graduate Chair.
  • Arrangement for Oral Defense [Word]
  • Report of Oral Thesis Examination and Dissertation Defense [Word]
  • Exit Survey [PDF]. E-mailed to Department Chair within one week of adviser's signing of Oral Thesis Examination report.