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Globalization and Development

Globalization and Development photo of Global South village

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Why Is This Subject Interesting?

Exploring global issues and other parts of the world helps us to better understand our own in an increasingly globalizing world.

Why Study Globalization and Development?

We are living in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world. Some countries, areas, businesses, and peoples have benefited from globalization, while others have not. By studying globalization and development, students will be able to piece together what causes globalization, what effects globalization would have on underdeveloped parts of the world (called the Global South) and their people, and how our local community is affected by and affects global forces and trends.

What Do We Study?

  • Global issues such as climate change, environmental problems, gender development, migration, poverty and underdevelopment, trade and investment, urbanization
  • Global South regions including Africa, Asia, Latin America, Appalachia
  • Global-local connections