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English Ph.D. Literary History Concentration Requirements

Graduation Requirements for the Literary History Concentration in the Ph.D. in English

10 Courses—120 Total Credit Hours

In addition to the general Ph.D. requirements, doctoral students in literature take two literary history seminars in the period of specialization, two literary history seminars in periods other than their period of specialization, and one additional literary history seminar in whichever period they choose. They also take Critical Theory I or II, and two courses total in Creative Writing, Rhetoric & Composition, or a combination of the two.

Seminars are 4 credit hours. The remaining hours come from professionalization courses, reading hours, and / or electives.

  • ENG 5950: Introduction to English Studies
  • ENG 5890: Teaching College English (required only for teaching assistants)
  • Critical Theory I or II
  • Two Literature Courses in Specialization
  • Two Literature Courses outside Specialization
  • One Additional Literature Course in any area
  • Two Courses in Creative Writing OR Two Courses in Rhetoric/Composition OR One Course in Each (Creative Writing and Rhetoric/Composition)
  • ENG 7910: Professional Issue in Teaching College English (1 hour per semester; required only for teaching assistants)
  • ENG 7770: Colloquium on the Profession (1 hour per semester)
  • Foreign Language Reading Proficiency
  • Comprehensive Examinations
  • Dissertation

Independent Reading 5930

Finish hours with these classes. These reading hours have not been counted toward the course totals in each degree concentration, but they do count toward the total number of credit hours required per semester to maintain a teaching assistantship.

Minimum Semester Hours

Students with teaching assistantships will complete the program with 120 hours, but the program could be completed by full-time students without teaching assistantships in 46 hours.

Foreign Language Requirement

Reading Proficiency demonstrated by translation exam or completion of ML 5900.