Ohio University

Literary History Graduate Seminars

Literary History graduate seminars range widely across periods, genres, and approaches to literary and cultural studies.

Standard periods are covered (American Literature to the Civil War, for example), as well as thematic and special topics courses.

A sample of recent courses includes:

  • Old English Poetry, Marsha Dutton
  • Early Modern British Literature: Shakespearean Action
  • The Gift and the Market in Eighteenth-Century Literature, Linda Zionkowski
  • The Problem of Sympathy in 19th-Century American Literary Studies, Paul Jones
  • 20th-Century British Literature: New Woman Fiction, Carey Snyder
  • Modern American Literature, Marilyn Atlas
  • A Chronological and Conceptual Mapping of the African Novel, Ghirmai Negash
  • Transnational Narratives: Literature, Cinema, Theory, Katarzyna Marciniak
  • Bibliography and Methods, Janis Butler Holm