ACE Certification Prep E-Courses

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The ACE Certification prep e-courses are self-paced online courses that help you to prepare you for either the Personal Training or Group Fitness Instructor Certification exam through the American Council on Exercise. 

Price: $50

Registration: See instructions outlined below! 

Personal Training Prep E-Course

The ACE Personal Trainer Self-Study Program provides the most current, highest quality education available. You will learn the latest evidence-based exercise science fundamentals, principles of behavior change and client-centered methodologies you can apply from the start.

Group Fitness Instructor Prep E-Course

Learn scientifically-proven fundamentals of group fitness—from exercise programing and motivation techniques to music selection—to deliver high quality group fitness programming to a variety of audiences. 

How To Register for the ACE Fitness Prep E-Courses

To register for the Personal Training Prep Course, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Visit RecShop
  2. Login at the upper-right hand corner
  3. Sign in with your Ohio University username and password (without the
  4. Once you are logged in, you can either select the three lined button in the top left corner and select "Well-Being & Fitness Programs" OR you can simply click the "Well-Being & Fitness Programs" tile on the main RecShop page. 
  5. Select the desired E-Course you wish to register for (Personal Training or Group Fitness)
  6. Click "Register."
  7. Select "Checkout."
  8. Enter your payment information to complete the transaction
  9. Contact the Assistant Director, Well-Being & Fitness, Tony Gregory, at or 740.593.9918 to be added to the E-Course via Blackboard.



Tony Gregory
Assistant Director of Well-Being & Fitness