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Physical Security

In today's technology-driven world, many associate the word "security" to be related to digital media, like encryption and firewalls. The importance of physical security is often overlooked, but it is the starting point for any secure office or facility. Below are some physical security tips to help keep your business unit safe.

Physical Security Tips

  • Prevent tailgating. Tailgating is when an unauthorized person follows someone into a restricted space. Be aware of anyone attempting to slip in behind you when entering a locked area.
  • De-provision physical access. Ensure all entrances have locks and access is regularly reviewed to ensure that only those individuals that need access to the physical space are able to access it.
  • Face monitors away from doors or windows. Prevent shoulder surfing by keeping monitors faced away from the door. Use a privacy screen if available.
  • Lock your devices. Protect devices with a strong password, and lock them when you step away from your desk. Do not leave devices unlocked and unattended!
  • Do not leave sensitive data in plain sight. Do not leave information, such as a password, out in the open.
  • Shred sensitive documents. Be sure to shred any document containing sensitive information.
  • Pick up print jobs ASAP. Print jobs often contain sensitive information. Be sure to pick up your print jobs right away.
  • Notify a supervisor of lost or stolen equipment. Lose something? Tell your supervisor as soon as you realize the device or equipment is no longer in your possession.
  • Report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. See something? Say something! Be sure to stay vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to the proper authorities.