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Employee Arrival

When a new employee arrives at OHIO, there are several recommended on-boarding steps that will benefit all employees and are especially relevant for employees that handle sensitive data. Follow the checklist below to ensure you set up your new employee for proper data handling success.

Manager Checklist For On-boarding Employees

  • Ensure employee has Multi-Factor Authentication enabled for All Eligible Services.
  • Enroll the employee in Online IT Security Training.
  • If the employee is expected to handle PHI, sign them up for Online HIPAA Training.
  • Ensure the employee has reviewed and signed the FEPRA Compliance Statement.
  • Send a request to OIT containing the roles the employee will need to complete job duties. Remembering to submit a request to remove roles when such access is no longer necessary.
  • Work with Access Control to provide the employee with necessary building and key access.