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Information Security Consultations

The Information Security Office works with business units to develop a strong security culture through consultation. Whether it is proper data handling, auditing and compliance, or security architecture, we work to ensure OHIO information stays protected. We provide independent advice based on departmental needs and develop solutions to keep data safe.

Consultation Topics

  • Data Classification. Data needs to be classified in order to know how it should be protected. Meet with a Security Analyst for guidance on handling data with care.
    • Example: A researcher has a data set containing PHI, and they are not sure the best place for storing the data.
  • Audit and Compliance. Meet with Security personnel to assess office workflows, reviewing if they comply with applicable regulations.
    • Example. A unit would like to know if they are doing the right things to protect University data. We help identify methods to secure their records containing student and administrative information, meeting any applicable compliance obligations.
  • Security Architecture. Learn about security best practices for business systems and processes.
    • Example: A department just purchased a new tool for housing sensitive data, and they want guidance on how best to structure the data and user access within the new system.

How to Request

Book a consultation on IT Security Consultations. When you submit your booking, please include as much detail as you canĀ about data types and business processes, so the consultation can be customizedĀ to your department's needs.