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Tenable IO

Tenable IO is a vulnerability management tool used by Ohio University. Vulnerability management tools help devices remain secure by identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities. Tenable IO identifies out of date applications, out of date operating systems, system misconfigurations, and provides actionable insights to ensure devices remain secure.

How Tenable IO Works

After Tenable IO is installed on a University device, it will scan the device at a regular interval to identify and report vulnerabilities. The tool searches for out of date applications, missing security patches, out of date operating systems, and other system misconfigurations. No end user action is required and the scans should not interrupt daily work.

After scans are completed, results are reported to the Tenable administration console. If vulnerabilities are identified action may be taken to remediate the findings.


Tenable IO is available to faculty and staff.

How to Request

To request Tenable IO for your computer(s), please contact the OIT Service Desk at with the computers that need it installed.