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Employee Departure

When an employee leaves OHIO, there are several de-provisioning steps required to ensure the security of the institution's data and the departing employee.

Employee Departure Checklist for Management

  • Plan ahead! If an employee is expected to depart, have them gather all files the business unit will need to continue operations before the departure date.
  • Too late? If the employee has already left, special circumstances allow managers to fill out an Access to IT Resources form. This form must be submitted to University Human Resources (UHR) for approval. Once the request is approved, UHR will send the request to the Information Security Office for processing.
  • Personal files. Ensure the employee has retrieved all personal files off their work computer. Keep in Mind - Current and departing employees are not permitted to remove university data.
  • Set an Auto-Reply. If an employee worked as a central point of contact for the office, it is important to have an auto-reply set on their account. In order to set an auto-reply, fill out an Access to IT Resources form and submit it to UHR. UHR will send the form to the Information Security Office for processing.

Checklist for Departing Employee

  • Be sure to migrate any personal accounts using your OHIO email to an alternate email address since access to this email is deprovisioned upon termination of employment.
  • Update services where your OHIO email is set as your recovery email.
  • If you don't have one already, set up an email with a free service to use after departure.
  • Remove all personal files off OHIO managed devices and storage solutions (e-mail, One Drive, Hard Drive, NAS). Instructions for removing files from One Drive are listed below.

How to Retrieve Personal Files from One Drive

  • Navigate to
  • Enter credentials.
  • Locate personal file, hover over the three ellipses, and select “Download” from the options.
  • Remember, you are NOT permitted to remove University data.