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Account Management and Systems Access

Moving Positions within the University

  • Employees switching positions within the University need to have account roles de-provisioned on the start date of their new position. Managers can follow much of the guidance on the Employee Departure Checklist to facilitate this transition.
  • Employees will retain the same OHIO Id if their position changes.

Leaving the University Permanently

  • Upon termination of employment, the employee will not retain access to their OHIO email, unless they are retiring from the institution or they are University Emereti.
  • The terminating employee's access should be de-provisioned for both OIT managed and non-managed systems as follows:

Managed OIT Systems

In order to provision or de-provision access to OIT Managed Systems, email the IT Service Desk at with request details.

Non-Managed OIT Systems

Provisioning and de-provisioning of Non-OIT Managed Systems need completed by the local administrator for that specific system. You will want to reach out to your system contact for each system to coordinate the deprovisioning of each system's account access.