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Heightened security vigilance recommended

March 25, 2022

The Information Security Office is aware of recent reports of potential cyber-attacks against the United States stemming from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We are asking the University community to remain vigilant and take the following steps to reduce the likelihood that you will fall victim to cybersecurity attacks.

If you suspect you have fallen victim to a cybersecurity attack, immediately report to the Information Security Office through email at or via phone 740-566-7233.

For more information regarding recent Cybersecurity and Infrastructure News related to this situation, visit CISA’s Shields Up.

Recommendations for Ohio University Students, Faculty, and Staff

  • Be cautious when opening links or attachments that you have received via email.
  • Visit the Phish Bowl at to see if messages you have received are part of an active phishing campaign against the University.
  • Don’t accept Multifactor Authentication pushes or phone calls that you did not prompt.
  • Keep your computers and applications updated. If you are using a University Managed Device, contact the Service Desk or your distributed technical contact if you notice your device is out of date.
  • Use strong passwords to log in to services, and don’t share your passwords between services (example: Ohio University password should be different than Personal Email password)
Find more specific information pertaining to Ohio Students, Faculty and Staff, and Researchers by visiting their respective resource pages.