Ohio University

Department Budget Responsibilities

Heritage College Department/Unit Staff Ongoing Budget Responsibilities

Ongoing Budget Responsibilities

  1. Be familiar with the Heritage College and University Policies and Procedures relating to finance
  2. Budget Monitoring System
    • Each unit must monitor their budget(s) on a monthly basis to ensure the accuracy of unit budgets and transactions. The monthly reports can be found on OBI here.
    • External Billings
  3. University Finance Communications
    • Updates on financial related policies and procedures are communicated from the office of the O.U. V.P. for Finance through “Business Matters”. Your unit is responsible for knowing and following this information.
    • The Business Forum is a bimonthly meeting sponsored by Finance and Administration to share information about the work being undertaken and accomplished by the various campus partnerships, including Partner Groups, Work Groups, and Advisory Groups. These forums offer an opportunity to share information and enhance communication with employees who have business and financial responsibilities at the University. More information can be found here.
  4. Deposits
  5. BobcatBUY
    • BobcatBUY is the application used by Ohio University to automate eProcurement and payments to maximize savings and increase productivity. Data from this system can be used to negotiate discounts and decrease the number of PCard purchases. The University assigns roles to users to control the workflow of items being requested. This allows planning units and Finance to monitor funds being spent. Training registration and reference guides are available below, as is access information. Click here for more information.
  6. Purchasing Card (P-Card)
    • The Purchasing Card (PCard) is an Ohio University-issued credit card that delegates small-dollar purchasing power to individual University employees. The PCard allows the cardholder to charge work-related expenses directly to the appropriate University account. A PCard can be issued only to University employees and is to be used strictly for business purposes. More information can be found here.
    • Original receipts should be maintained in accordance with your departmental records retention schedule.
    • CONCUR is the third party software application for all University travel and expense report processing. You can access your CONCUR through the Finance home page.
    • P-Card transactions on CONCUR should be updated, viewed, and approved at minimum weekly but must be submitted within 15 days of posting or 15 days of return from travel.
    • All employee travel should be booked and the related expenses submitted for reimbursement through the CONCUR system.
    • A backup plan should be in place for all CONCUR users/approvers.
    • Ensure that the account numbers being charged for P-Card transactions are correct.
    • Before scanning documents into CONCUR, be sure to remove any sensitive data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.
  8. Travel and Entertainment
  9. Mail Card Charges
  10. Object Codes
  11. Department/Unit Must Keep Copies of All Documents
    • The department/unit originating any type of transaction documents (e.g., Direct Payment, Requisition, Travel Expense Report, transfers, documentation of deposits, etc.) must keep copies of supporting backup documentation/substantiation whether scanned to Concur or BobcatBUY or submitted as hard copies. Department files are for reference and inquiry purposes.
    • The Heritage College Finance office keeps copies of all documents processed through its office. Documents are kept for the current year and two prior years on-site. The O.U. VP for Finance Office maintains the official documentation for all financial reports and documents.
  12. Records Retention
    • Each unit should have an official records retention schedule (for all records, not just financial).
    • Review the OU Records Retention policy
    • Contact the University Archivist and Records Manager to create a records retention schedule for your area.