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Finance Processes during Covid-19

FAQs will be continuously updated as additional questions are raised.  Travel FAQ related to COVID-19 can be found on the COVID-19 Travel FAQ webpage.  Research FAQ related to COVID-19 can be found on the Research Coronavirus FAQ webpage.


Will the Finance Customer Care Desk remain open?

Yes.  Customers should still direct all Finance related questions to financecustomercare@ohio.edu.  Finance Customer Care will no longer be monitoring the FCC phone line, all inquiries must be sent to the email above.

Can I still drop off paper forms to Finance?

No. Finance will continue remote work until further notice. Paper invoices should be sent to accounts.payable@ohio.edu for processing as usual.  Applications for P-Cards should be sent by campus mail.  Finance staff will be onsite twice per week to process incoming mail.  

Will check runs occur as normal?

Yes.  Check runs occur every Tuesday and Thursday.  For anything outside of the normal check runs, please contact Finance Customer Care.

Can I pick up a check in WUSOC?

Check pickup has been suspended until further notice.  All checks must be sent by mail.

Can I still pick up my new P-Card in WUSOC?

P-Card pickup will be by appointment only as needed.  If your card expires we ask that you wait to pick it up, if at all possible, in order to allow us all to maintain social distancing.  If you absolutely must have your P-Card during this time, please submit a ticket to Finance Customer Care with CFAO approval and someone will reach out to you to set up a pickup date and time.  Keep in mind that pickup times are limited to two day per week to keep as many of our staff off site as possible.  We are monitoring end dates on P-Cards to make sure that no cards expire without notice.

Do I still have to have my P-Card transactions reconciled and substantiated within 15 business days?

Yes.  All university policies and procedures related to P-Cards remain in effect at this time.  If you have extenuating circumstance please contact Finance Customer Care.

Will contracts still be processed as normal?

Yes.  No interruptions should be expected.

Will Requests for Proposals (RFP) still occur during this time?

Yes.  This should continue without interruption.

Are in person interviews related to Request for Proposals (RFP) still allowable?

Generally no, they will be scheduled as online meetings.  This may vary for construction projects.

Can I ship university related packages to my home address as a result of working remotely during COVID-19?

Yes, with a prior exception approved by Central Finance. In order to request an exception to ship to a home address, please submit a ticket to Finance Customer Care at financecustomercare@ohio.edu . When you make the request please include the following information:

1. What items are being purchased
2. Who are the items being purchased for
3. What is the business necessity of the items to be shipped to a home location
4. CFAO approval is required before an exception is considered. This is necessary so that CFAO’s are aware of what is being requested, who is making the request and that an exception is being requested to ship to a home address. This will allow the CFAO to ensure that proper accountability and tracking is in place for their planning unit.

Please be aware that many of our suppliers cannot or will not ship to a home address for various reasons (i.e. because they carry restricted items or because the supplier technology cannot handle home addresses on a business account). All purchases must still be in compliance with policy and procedure. If an exception is granted, the exception will be made in writing and must be attached to the transaction to document the exception. If you are granted an exception to ship to a home address, you must attach the exception to the transaction to ensure that this exception is properly documented.

Will the Bursar’s Office be open during this time?

The Office of the Bursar will be closed for in-person interactions until further notice. Inquiries can be made via email (bursar@ohio.edu) or by phone (740-593-4130).

How do I make deposits to the Cashier during this time?

Deposits and customer payments can be placed in the drop box located inside the south entrance doors on the ground floor of Chubb Hall (Court Street side of the building). Please seal the deposit or payment in an envelope or bag with appropriate identifying information (e.g. student name and PID number, customer number and invoice number, deposit description and account number).  Departmental change requests should be emailed to cashier@ohio.edu at least two business days prior to the need. Several departments are going cashless for fall, so our tender supplies will be limited. Bear in mind that there is currently a coin shortage in the US.  With these two factors in play, we may not be able to fulfill all change requests as timely or in the desired denominations.  We will do our best, but we are subject to the shortages as well.

How do I make deposits to the Foundation Accounting office during this time?

The Foundation Accounting office will be closed for in-person interactions until further notice, but staff continue to process mail contributions. Mail contributions should be sent to The Ohio University Foundation, P.O. Box 869, Athens, OH 45701. If a department receives a mail contribution at another campus address, contributions should be forward to the Foundation Accounting office, Ping Cottage* via inter-office mail.

*The Foundation Accounting office was moved to Ping Cottage effective 12/11/2020.

I have been told to work from home but I do not have internet. Will the university reimburse me for purchasing internet during this period of time so that I can work from home?

The University does not provide reimbursement for home internet charges. If you do not have internet at home or have poor quality internet at home, please reach out to your supervisor for direction.

Will Shred-It still pick up my confidential shredding during this time?

Yes, but by appointment only. If your department has confidential shredding that still needs to be picked up during this time you will need to reach out to Jean Cantrell, Shred-It Account Representative, at Jean.Cantrell@stericycle.com or 513.816.3016. This change was due to a large number of offices and buildings being closed or having limited access during this time. Shred-It was coming as scheduled but found that they frequently could not get into a space to pickup the containers. Shred-It pickup will operate on an appointment basis until at least June 30, 2021, at which point we will re-evaluate the situation. Departments will not be billed for any missed service dates. 

How do we submit AP documents that require signatures while working from home without access to printers and scanners?

Accounts Payable is accepting either Adobe electronic signatures or email approval from an Ohio email address for Travel Reports, Substantiations and Direct Payments. The email should contain detail on what is being approved. For example, if a student is submitting email approval for a travel reimbursement, the email should state the form number and the amount.

All Supplier Payee Information Forms and W9s should have an Adobe signature or a wet signature.

Feel free to contact financecustomercare@ohio.edu with signature questions.

Does the University reimburse for long distance business calls from my home number or cell phone?

The University does not reimburse for long distance calls but instead provides Microsoft Teams to make calls to University faculty and staff. Should you have a need to make long distance calls to external parties, you can contact the IT Help Desk at servicedesk@ohio.edu or 740-593-1222 and ask about an application called Jabber for Desktop.  Resources for this application can be found at https://www.ohio.edu/oit/services/phones/jabber-desktop.