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Confidential Shredding Update

In August and September, we were working through the transition of vendors for confidential shredding services. Subsequently, we have failed to come to terms on a contract with the new vendor and will not be moving forward with them and have instead awarded the contract to our existing vendor, Shred-it.

Shred-It will provide both recurring and on-demand purging services.  They have different bin sizes available and offer both onsite and offsite shredding, on different pickup schedules.  We have created a new Confidential Shredding website detailing this service, including the following:

  • Service options
  • Service request process
  • Cost projection spreadsheet
  • Service request form (additional details below)
  • Contacts

Service Request Form

To create a consistent process for requesting service, we have created a new Qualtrics-based form for submitting a service request.  Service requests include: purge services, new recurring service, modified recurring service, and additional pickups (in between recurring service).

Please note: you will need a valid PO number to submit a service request (see Service request process). We are requesting use of the Service Agreement form for POs with this vendor instead of a Blanket PO, as Blanket POs auto-close at year-end, creating re-work in creating new POs and addressing unmatched invoices.


Please email Chad Mitchell (mitchec2@ohio.edu) with any questions.