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College of Arts & Sciences Requirements

College-Level Requirements

The College of Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs is located in Gordy Hall 155. General academic questions are answered here, and graduation checks are performed.

If you are in Arts & Sciences, you are expected to become familiar with this section of the catalog, which relates specifically to college requirements. This section contains information essential to your success as a well-informed student at Ohio University. It should be noted that you are responsible for understanding and meeting all requirements designated for your degree program. The following list outlines the College of Arts & Sciences degree information presented in the sections that follow:

Advising Resources

All departments in the College of Arts & Sciences provide a designated undergraduate advising coordinator who oversees advising procedures within that department. Every student in the College of Arts & Sciences is assigned an adviser, including undeclared (undecided) students. It is expected that the student will schedule a conference during the priority registration period each semester. For students with declared majors, the advisor is a faculty member in the department of his or her major. For undecided majors, an adviser is assigned from Arts & Sciences faculty and administrative staff.

While advising conferences are particularly encouraged during the registration period, it is recommended that the student maintain regular contact with his or her adviser for assistance with concerns related to academic and career planning. Any requests by students to deviate from stated major requirements must be communicated in writing by the department chair or the undergraduate advising chair to Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs. While the adviser is expected to assist with course choices and recommendations, it is the student's responsibility to see that his or her own program requirements are met. Students with questions about fulfilling requirements are invited to seek help at the Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs.

To change majors within the College of Arts & Sciences, contact the A&S Office of Undergraduate Advising & Student Affairs in Gordy 155. Either a new adviser will be assigned, or the student will be referred to the advising coordinator of the department of the new major. Other matters pertaining to advisers are administered by advising coordinators or the departmental offices.