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In 1804, a small group of young men arrived at the first seat of higher learning in the Old Northwest Territory to enroll for instruction in Greek and Latin, history, literature, mathematics, geometry, and physics. Then, as now, the best preparation for helping students meet the challenges of an unknown future was to offer a wide range of courses — a breadth of knowledge. Providentially, the founders had chosen to use a liberal arts model of connecting past to future through classic instruction. And so it was, with a tradition rooted firmly in the liberal arts, the fledgling college at the edge of the wilderness matured into the prestigious and many-faceted institution known today as Ohio University.

The College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University is proud to continue the tradition of providing a wide choice of traditional majors to discerning students, even as it offers an expanded and modern curriculum, with both appropriate to a 21st century education. In addition to teaching specific knowledge and essential skills in tune with an ever-changing world of work and technology, the underlying philosophy of an arts and sciences curriculum promotes the love of lifelong learning.

The objectives of a liberal arts education, historically speaking, have been met through curricula that provide a fuller understanding of the human condition and the world around us, falling as they do within the academic disciplines known as the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. It is the nature of courses such as these to reflect a breadth and scope from both the past and the future. Fortunately, for students enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences, they are the core of a modern liberal arts education.