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Rhetoric & Composition Seminars

The program's small seminars, which consist of both M.A. and Ph.D. students, provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with students receiving ample personal attention. Doctoral students take six seminars in Rhetoric and Composition, with four seminars for master's students.

All Rhetoric & Composition students select their rhetoric and composition seminars from the following list:

  • ENG 7800 - Special Studies Seminar in Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 7960 - Rhetorical Traditions and Theories
  • ENG 7970 - New Media Composition in English Studies
  • ENG 7980 - History and Theories of Composition
  • ENG 7990 - Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition

Special Studies Seminars in Rhetoric & Composition (ENG 7800) cover a wide variety of subjects and ground students in both the theory and practice. Course topics might include:

  • Second Language Writing
  • Learning Transfer Theory
  • Writing Program Administration
  • Queer Theory & Rhetorics
  • Video Game Theory
  • Rhetorical Genre Theory
  • Academic Publishing

Alternatively, some students may meet their final seminar requirement with a teaching apprenticeship in rhetoric & composition.