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Online Master's in English Curriculum

The Master of Arts in English curriculum has been structured to provide secondary teachers with the opportunity to gain depth in literature and writing.

The program coursework spans literary history and analysis, composition and rhetoric, and creative writing.

Each course is only seven weeks long. Students can focus on a single course every seven weeks and complete the program in four semesters (16 months). Or if a student's personal schedule dictates, he or she may choose to take only one course each semester, finishing the program in three years.

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Degree Requirements

This degree requires eight courses, for a total of 32 credits.

Introduction to English Studies

All students must start with ENG 5950: Introduction to English Studies, which lays out the vision for the total program. This program has only one start per year, and that is Summer 1 which begins in May. Additional courses may be offered in the following categories.

Literature Courses

Complete three literature courses, choosing from the following four options:

  • Literature Before 1640
  • British or American Literature 1640-1830
  • British or American Literature 1830-present
  • Multi-ethnic/Cross Cultural Literature

Additional English Studies Courses

Complete three additional ENG courses, as approved by the program director. These may be drawn from the fields of literary studies, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, and/or advanced pedagogy.

Master’s Essay

Upon completion of the first seven courses, students complete a scholarly master's essay (ENG 6930) of publishable quality and length, written as an extension of work done across the coursework, but researched and reshaped to meet professional standards of scholarly publications. Students are encouraged to link their research with classroom applications in grades 7-12 teaching.

Previously Earned Credit

Up to eight semester hours (12 quarter hours) of previously earned credit may be accepted into the program upon review and approval by the program director. Applicants must be formally admitted into the program in order for previously earned credit to be reviewed. In order to be considered, each course must have been taken within the past five years and have an earned grade of "B" or better. Requests will be considered on merit in a case-by-case basis.