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Graduate Chemistry Progress Toward Degree Expectations

Satisfactory semester and yearly progress is expected of all graduate students in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department. Only with satisfactory progress will it be possible to complete a Ph.D. (or M.S.) degree before reaching the university- and college-imposed term limits regarding tuition support. Criteria necessary to successfully complete a degree are detailed elsewhere in the Graduate Requirements document (website) and are not affected by the term-limit rules.

In addition to satisfying the curricular requirements, satisfactory progress will minimally require that the student:

  1. Work on thesis/dissertation project during registered semesters as directed by adviser.
  2. Work on thesis/dissertation project during breaks, intercessions and non-registered semesters as directed by adviser.
  3. Obtain prior approval from the Graduate Chair for time off during registered semesters. The Graduate Chair will confer with the student?s adviser and other affected faculty).
  4. Obtain prior approval from adviser for time off during winter intercession or other breaks between semesters. (NOTE: International students may need additional approvals depending on their visa and should consult with the Graduate Chair and International Student Services).