New offerings begin September 1

September 1, 2021

The WellWorks hybrid class schedule is now available. This semester's schedule is uniquely designed to offer all members a diverse offering of fitness opportunities. Class formats are now offered virtually, in-person outdoors and in-person indoors.


In an effort to support everyone's safety and health while also recognizing that all members have different comfort levels about returning to in-person exercise, WellWorks is allowing members to participate in "Remote Check-Ins" during the lunch hour in key locations. Members can simply register for a remote check-in and find the friendly WellWorks staff member (wearing a bright green shirt) at the specified time/location. We hope this pilot program allows benefits-eligible members to participate in and achieve the 100 Day Challenge during an unusual year.


Advance registration is required for all group fitness and remote check-in offerings. Registration must occur at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class.


Additionally, beginning September 1 through December 31, WellWorks members can receive FREE access to four Wellness Series programs. Members can register for the Wellness Series on the member portal and will then be emailed access to the password protected website within 4 business days.