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Employees receive 1 month FREE

April 1, 2021

WellWorks offers employees a free 1-Month Virtual Membership


With the pandemic changing the day-to-day routines of University employees. WellWorks is hoping to provide some relief.


“Habits have changed,” explained Executive Director of Wellbeing, Jenn Bennett. “University employees have completely redefined how they move, work, play and eat and yet many of the same structures remain in place for a lot of us. So, we’ve responded.”


Just like employees’ habits have changed, so have WellWorks memberships. The initiative of College of Health Sciences and Professions previously operated solely in a physical environment on the Athens campus. This month, however, WellWorks is celebrating the recent transformation in their offerings by providing employees with a free 1-Month Virtual Membership (details below). 


“Our entire operation has pivoted and we’re so proud of our offerings that we want to give employees a chance to check it out, risk free,” said Engagement and Marketing Coordinator, Annie Laurie Cadmus. “With memberships, we offer a library of constantly evolving wellness videos and documents ranging from fitness to nutrition to mindfulness and beyond, plus our live schedule features classes for fitness, nutrition and an evolving list of non-movement related wellness classes. Plus, members can access our low-cost personal training program.”


Cadmus stressed that WellWorks’ offerings extend far beyond memberships, with non-members able to access services such as Nutrition Counseling, Wellness Coaching, specialty programs and more.


The program’s focus on wellbeing beyond movement was at the heart of WellWorks before the pandemic, but Bennett explained that the temporary closure of their physical facility required a change to their business plan. “We did a great deal of outreach and research throughout the course of the past year and, in response, we have created fun, relevant and approachable wellness resources all backed by science and our industry.”


WellWorks currently manages the following virtual offerings:

  • Virtual Memberships: Live Wellness (not just fitness) classes, On Demand videos and resources, recipes, kitchen tips, mindfulness training, workout ideas, sleep support, wellness coaching series, specialty classes and so much more.
  • Specialty Programs: Those individuals with specific goals can opt to register for time-bound self-paced specialty programs instead of buying the full membership. Beginning on May 1, new sessions for the following Wellness Series will become available on the WellWorks Portal:
    • Active Seniors Class Bundle: Low impact cardio and strength programs ideal for those looking for a soft start to a wellness routine. Includes 5 videos.
    • Begin Your Adventure: Not sure where your next adventure lies?  This self-paced wellness coaching series can help you identify your goals and strategies for success. Includes 6 videos and supplemental materials/quizzes.
    • Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Series: Beginner level kickboxing movements are combined with bodyweight strength to offer 12 weeks’ worth of fun and approachable self-paced workouts.  Includes 21 videos.
    • Alignment, Balance, Core Fitness Series: This series is intended to offer you a self-paced workout program focused on strengthening and toning your body, improving balance, and practicing proper body alignment. Includes 10 videos.
  • Freedom from the Gym! If you have health goals but don’t enjoy (or aren’t ready to return to) the gym, the Risk Reduction 1.0 specialty program offers inspiration and education on improving health without a gym membership. A new session of this program will begin on May 1, 2021.
  • Equipment Rentals: Need some temporary fitness equipment while you’re at home? WellWorks is renting theirs until they re-open their facility.
  • Nutrition Counseling: Food habits change. Let our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist help you identify your nutrition goals and create tactics that will help you live the nutrition lifestyle you want. Virtual Nutrition Counseling is now available.
  • Wellness Coaching: When you've reached a point in your journey when you could use a little extra support, Wellness Coaching can help you process your thoughts to identify your goals and needs.
  • Personal Training: Whether you’re new to exercise, not getting the results you want, or need some help with accountability, WellWorks virtual personal training offers customized fitness plans based on your goals and lifestyle.
  • Employee Wellbeing: WellWorks manages employee wellbeing programming. Looking for wellness tracking and education? Benefits-participating employees can utilize Healthy OHIO’s mobile wellness platform, Virgin Pulse*! Oh, and you earn money back on your paycheck the more you use it.


Employees who wish to take advantage of the free 1-Month Virtual Membership can do so by logging into the WellWorks Member Portal using Single Sign On (SSO) with their OHIO credentials. Purchase a 1-Month Virtual Membership and utilize promo code: ENHANCEMYAWESOME. An email confirmation will be sent shortly after completing the checkout process.


The promo code is valid April 1-30, 2021 and is only valid for current University employees.