100 Day Virtual Check-In Program

WellWorks members will have over 200 opportunities to view wellness content online so they can access wellbeing wherever they are!
June 21, 2022

In an effort to better serve Ohio University employees and WellWorks members, Ohio University WellWorks has announced a calendar of virtual check-in opportunities in its FY23 offerings.


“We recognize that there are a large number of employees with remote or hybrid work agreements and, at the same time, we’re experiencing inflated gas costs, so we saw an opportunity to improve our offerings,” explained Jenn Bennett, Executive Director of Wellbeing. “This also helps us better serve our regional campuses and those Athens employees who struggle to get to Grover Center during a lunch break.”


While the program is intended to support individuals working to achieve the 100 Day Challenge*, all WellWorks members will be invited to utilize the calendar of virtual programming.


“Our closure during COVID changed how our members interact with us and allowed us to transition our programming to be able to offer a hybrid of virtual and in-person offerings,” said Annie Laurie Cadmus, WellWorks Member Engagement Coordinator. “This coming fiscal year, we have a full calendar of over 150 unique pieces of wellness content such as fitness and nutrition videos and documents or self-assessments. Plus, we’ll offer additional live classes, all of which a member can ‘check-in” virtually to receive a visit count toward their total.”


“Wellbeing should be accessible to everyone. This program is providing more access to more of our valuable employees,” said Bennett.


Bennett went on to explain that WellWorks aims to offer a community of support in its programming and the transition of virtual content check-ins allows for University employees to interact with their own wellbeing goals in a more meaningful way.


The full schedule of offerings is now available on the WellWorks website.


Members will be able to pre-register for desired programs on the WellWorks Member Portal and then check-in through the virtual platform. Each program will be available for registration up to 2 weeks in advance. Then, the member will be able to check-in for the program from 5:45am-8:00pm on the date it is offered. Completion of the content will award the member with a check-in for the day, which, if eligible, can count toward the 100 Day Challenge. Pre-recorded programs will be offered every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday (some holidays excluded). Additionally, various live fitness and nutrition programs will be offered on the live virtual program schedule.


Registration will open on July 1, at which time members will be able to begin registering for content at least two weeks in advance. A current WellWorks Membership is required for participation.


Questions can be directed to WellWorks at 740-593-2093 or wellworks@ohio.edu

*The 100 Day Challenge is a benefit available to University employees who are benefits-eligible and their spouses/partners. Those eligible members who check-in to the WellWorks facility for 100 days in a single fiscal year, will receive a full annual membership from Human Resources (taxable). In FY23, that program will accept a hybrid of check-ins to the virtual programs and/or facility check-ins.