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Welcome to Ohio University's Classified Senate

Welcome to Ohio University's Classified Senate

The purpose of Classified Senate is to provide a formal platform for ongoing discussion, information exchange, and consultation on matters concerning classified employees at Ohio University. As such, the Classified Senate will:

  • serve as an advisory body for the discussion of policies, procedures, benefits, and services affecting classified employees
  • provide an avenue of communication from classified employees to the Chief Human Resource Officer, the official liaison to university administration, involving matters related to employment at Ohio University
  • provide university officials with an effective method for soliciting and disseminating information about plans and policies affecting classified employees

Our Mission

The mission of Classified Senate is to speak for the interest of classified employees and to support Ohio University’s commitment to promote an atmosphere where understanding of, and respect for, diversity is ensured.   

Our History

Ohio University prides itself in its long and rich history of shared governance. For decades the university administration has welcomed and, in fact, sought input from faculty and staff. 

In 1989, with the combined efforts of a classified employee, the Director of University Personnel Services, and President Charles J. Ping, the Academic Support Staff Council was created. The coucil was developed as a forum for gathering and disseminating information, to discuss issues of concern and provide advice and recommendations to the Personnel Department and university administration on issues affecting classified employees at OHIO. The council began with 16 members appointed by the President of the University.

In 1991, the council voted to change its name to Classified Staff Advisory Counsel (CSAC), more accurately reflecting its purpose and representation. The size of the membership was also increased from 16 to 24 members, allowing the council to take on more responsibilities. In 1998, CSAC was renamed Classified Senate.

Since its inception, Classified Senate's status and contributions have grown significantly. The members have proven to be dedicated, hard-working individuals that work on behalf of all non-bargaining classified staff. Their contributions have been astounding!