Spouse and employee at WellWorks
Spouse and Partner Wellbeing
Resources available to benefits-eligible spouses and partners of Ohio University employees

Wellbeing Resources for Spouses/Partners

A variety of institutional benefits exist for spouses/partners of Ohio University employees. While many of the benefits below are designed for spouses/partners of benefits-participating employees, some programs are available regardless of the benefits status of the employee. 

The list below works to compile all wellbeing benefits from various departments/units/initiatives across the institution. If you feel a program or service is missing from this list, please email wellworks@ohio.edu.

Incentives-Based Programs/Offerings: 

Each of the programs below are associated with the Healthy OHIO program, which offer incentives for participation.


    100 Day Challenge

    Work out at WellWorks 100 Days in a rolling calendar year and you could get an annual membership for free*.

    Program requirements include: being benefits-eligible, an active WellWorks membership, and obtaining 100 visits (limit 1 per day) on a one year period. 

    There are three different modalities for checking in at WellWorks: Virtual Check-Ins, Remote Check-Ins, and In-Person Check-ins.

    *Taxed as income.


    Health Screenings

    All spouses/partners enrolled in the University's benefits plan are encouraged to conduct an annual health screening so they stay on track with their wellness goals. Eligible Participants will receive $60 added to the paycheck of the benefits-carrier. 

    There are three different ways to participate in a health screening: 

    1. Physician Screening Form
    2. Athens WorkHealth Clinic 
    3. On-Campus Screening Events

    Mobile Wellbeing

    Eligible participants can earn up to $200 per year (up to $50 quarterly) when they use the online/mobile wellness platform for customized engagement opportunities.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your financial well-being, focus on your fitness or spend more time with your pets, Virgin Pulse can help you define and meet your unique wellness goals. 

    Virgin Pulse is available as an app on your device or through the web portal. 

Make the Most of your Benefits: 

There are many (sometimes seemingly hidden) perks included in the University's medical benefits. The resources below will help you navigate how to make the most of it all. 


    Sydney Health App

    This mobile app connects you to your medical benefits so you can find care, access claims, view digital ID cards, live chat with support professionals from Anthem, and much more. 

    Use the "Virtual Primary Care" feature to connect to a doctor 24/7 or use an interactive symptom checker. 


    Anthem Discounts

    Enrolled in the University's medical coverage? Check out the discounts and programs available to you through Anthem. To find wellness-related discounts, log-in to your Anthem account, hover over “Care” and select “Discounts.” Examples of the discounts include: infertility treatments, acupuncture, fitness trackers, skin care creams, acupuncture, massage, contact lenses, pet insurance and so much more!


    VSP Vision Care Discounts

    Are you enrolled in VSP Vision Care (Vision Coverage)? Use the VSP site to find a doctor and save on check-ups. Plus, discover wellness-related savings on the VSP website. More than just eyeglasses and contacts, you can save money on LASIK and fitness equipment and earn cash back on everyday purchases through VSP(r) Simple Values. 


    Discount Marketplace

    Gain access to exclusive discounts to a variety of common purchases such as hotel stays, movie tickets, home decor, appliances, vehicles, groceries, flowers, apparel, technology, and more. You can also explore live and pre-recorded videos on common wellbeing topics such as movement, fuel, recovery, and stress management. 


    Employee Discounts

    If you are on a family plan with your spouse/partner, you may be able to take advantage of employee discounts from AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. 

    You can also cash in on Parking discounts at the Columbus Airport. Plus, other discounts such as paint and technology also exist. 


    Educational Benefits

    Spouses, partners, and dependents of qualifying employees can take advantage of Ohio University's generous educational benefits. 

    Enroll in online or in-person classes through Ohio University to be able to take advantage of this (taxable) benefit. 


    Prescription Support

    Standard prescriptions are covered with a copay through CVS Caremark. Occasionally, patients are prescribed higher cost specialty medications that require additional coverage. The PrudentRx Specialty Drug Copay Program offered through CVS Caremark allows eligible faculty, staff and dependents who enroll to have a $0 copay for their specialty drug prescriptions. Individuals who do not enroll in the program will be subject to a 30% co-insurance for specialty medications. There is no cost associated with joining the program. 

Free or Low-Cost Program Offerings: 

The wellbeing programs below are offered to benefits-participating spouses/partners of University employees for low to no cost. 


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Ohio University's EAP and Work/Life program is available to employees AND their family members. Offered through AllOne Health, this portal's features include healthcare referrals, telehealth services, and personalized medical guidance. When logging into this program for the first time, use the employer code "ohiou".


    Diabetes Prevention and Education

    The Diabetes Institute offers diabetes education and prevention classes in a combination of virtual and in-person group settings. Whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes or told you have prediabetes, these programs will help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to prevent or manage diabetes.


    Practical Nutrition

    We find that many people know what they are “supposed to do” when it comes to nutrition, but not how to do it in a way that fits their lifestyle. Practical Nutrition will provide you with the “how” that you have been looking for. You will learn new skills and get fresh ideas to improve your nutrition intake. You will also walk away with delicious recipes to try with your family. This cohort support program is offered at no cost to employees and their spouses/partners. 

WellWorks Programs and Services

The services below are designed to support members of the community as they move, fuel, and recover. Membership is not required, unless indicated. 


    Risk Reduction

    The Risk Reduction program introduces participants to the foundations of an active lifestyle and the fundamentals of movement, fuel and rest for wellbeing. The program includes weekly cohort meetings, physical activity support, educational materials, sessions with the WellWorks Nutrition Counselor and mindfulness training. Free to benefits-eligible spouses/partners.


    Massage Therapy

    You deserve a massage. The WellWorks licensed massage therapist can help you: get relief from muscle pain and soreness; alleviate stress, and; detoxify—both mentally and physically. Services range from deep tissue to isometric stretching and relaxation. Massages are open to anyone and conveniently located in Grover Center on the Athens campus.


    Nutrition Counseling

    As life changes, so do eating habits. WellWorks can help! Whether you're focused on management of chronic disease, recovery from disordered eating, navigating food allergies and sensitivities, sports nutrition, or weight management, Louise Cruz RDN, LD  can guide you to make healthy food choices that fit in to your traditions, culture and lifestyle.



    Reiki is a Japanese tradition of bringing oneself into balance. Over time, Reiki can support the client's ability to manage stress and, in turn, heal their bodies. More than 20% of medical facilities in the Unites States use Reiki as a healing modality. In fact, Ohio State University utilizes Reiki as a tool to support drug rehabilitation.