Interpreting Health Screening Results

September 6, 2022

Interpreting Health Screening Numbers: 

- Primary Care Physician: Schedule an annual preventive exam with your PCP and share your test results with them. A PCP can review your numbers with you in context with your medical and medication history, offering a meaningful review of what your numbers mean for you. If you don't have a PCP, benefits-participating employees/spouses/partners can utilize the Sydney Health app to receive guidance on finding a physician who fits your unique needs and lifestyle.

- Virgin Pulse: Our mobile wellbeing platform, Virgin Pulse, allows you to insert your screening results into the platform. From there, the program will assess your numbers and offer feedback on what programs you may benefit from the most. If you participated in a WorkHealth appointment or an on-campus screening event, your numbers will be automatically uploaded at the close of the semester, but you can input your own numbers sooner, if you wish.


Finding Resources to Support Your Numbers: 

- Risk Reduction: The Risk Reduction program introduces participants to the foundations of an active lifestyle and the fundamentals of movement, fuel and rest for wellbeing. The program includes weekly cohort meetings, physical activity support, educational materials, sessions with the WellWorks Nutrition Counselor and program-specific yoga classes. 

- Diabetes Education: If your A1C levels were elevated, the Diabetes Institute offers Diabetes Prevention and Management education. In most cases, scholarships are available to allow participants to engage with the program at no cost.

- Nutrition Counseling: If any of your numbers, particularly, A1C, Blood Pressure, and Cholesterol, were outside of the normal range, you may benefit from personalized nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

- Employee Assistance Program: A variety of support resources and educational materials are available at no fee through the Employee Assistance Program.

- Live Healthy Appalachia (Pivio): Lifestyle is the cause of many common chronic diseases—and that means it can also be part of treating and even reversing them. Using methods firmly grounded in research, Pivio shifts participants away from unhealthful patterns. It steers them toward a lifestyle that makes them energetic and resilient. It creates positive, long-term change.