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Treat Yourself to Wellness

Treat Yourself to Wellness

Notice Regarding Wellness Program (PDF)

The Ohio University work environment can be fun! We have resources for employees, managers and top-level administrators who wish to create healthier, happier workplaces. Such workplaces can improve overall employee health and increase productivity. 

We're encouraging University employees view wellness as a special treat that you get to enjoy throughout any given day. Such a mindset can help make it easier to adopt lifelong healthy habits. Start small by trying out a few of the 5-, 10-, and 15-minute healthy break ideas below and posted around campus. All employees have specified break opportunities available based on their employment classification. Choose to use yours while doing something healthy!

Office Dance Parties: Interested in introducing healthy breaks to your colleagues with a splash? Invite WellWorks to your workplace for a 20-minute Office Dance Party. We'll bring the music, the props and the photographer; you'll bring yourself and your colleagues. Together, we'll have a great time dancing away the stress from the day. To schedule your Office Dance Party or to ask questions about this free event offering, email Annie Laurie Cadmus at cadmus@ohio.edu

Take a Healthy Break: 

Ohio University values all dimensions of wellbeing! Check out our break ideas below, which are broken down by suggested time needed to accomplish the break. The dimension(s) of wellbeing that are addressed in each break is(are) provided after each break idea. Challenge yourself to accomplish goals in all dimensions of wellbeing each week!

Practice positive self talk by reciting a healthy mantra

5 Minute Break Ideas:

  • Go for a walk. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Fuel yourself with a healthy snack. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Give yourself a shoulder massage. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Schedule your next doctor or dentist appointment. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Schedule a Counseling session (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Visualize yourself completing your daily goals. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Do a plank. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Tell a loved on you love them. (Social Wellbeing)
  • Put your phone down for a technology break. (Physical and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Fill up your water bottle using the water fountain in another building. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Take the stairs or travel around your building to move your body. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Practice positive self-talk by reciting positive affirmations to yourself. You are, after all, pretty darn awesome. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Step outside and allow the sun to shine on your face. (Physical and Environmental Wellbeing)
  • Pick up three pieces of litter. (Environmental Wellbeing)
  • Celebrate the tiny victories of the day. Pop by a colleague's office, share your victories and celebrate with a 2 minute dance break. (Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Sign up for a 5K with a friend. (Physical and Social Wellbeing)
  • Pay your credit card bill. (Financial Wellbeing)
  • Open an emergency savings account. (Financial Wellbeing)
  • Organize your receipts from the past week. (Financial Wellbeing)

10 Minute Break Ideas: 

  • Call a friend and share good news. (Social Wellbeing)
    Celebrate your successes by taking a dance break
  • Write a thank you card to someone. (Social Wellbeing)
  • Daydream or brainstorm new ideas. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Draw a picture. (Emotional and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Make a to-do list for tomorrow. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Do a quick purse or wallet clean-out. (Mental or Financial Wellbeing)
  • Make a gratitude list. 
  • Is something bothering you? Get out those frustrations by writing it down on paper. Shred the evidence and say goodbye to the issue. (Emotional or Spirutual Wellbeing)
  • Dealing with a difficult situation? Name two positive outcomes that might result from this situation. (Emotional or Spiritual Wellbeing)
  • Reserve time for a vacation. (Emotional and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Read an informational article about your profession or personal interests. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Run to your next meeting. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Create a loose budget for the next week. (Financial Wellbeing)
  • Walk all the stairs in your building. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Drink some green tea. Bonus points if you use a reusable mug! (Physical and Environmental Wellbeing)

15 Minute Break Ideas: 

  • Empower yourself: Listen to a motivating podcast. (Mental Wellbeing)
    Stay hydrated
  • Do a puzzle or a word search. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Go outside and experience nature. (Physical, Social and Spiritual Wellbeing)
  • Do some yoga. (Physical and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Meditate. (Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Walk around and socialize with colleagues or students. (Physical and Social Wellbeing)
  • Feeling lonely? Research a group activity or sport that interests you and schedule time to attend a meeting or event. (Emotional and Physical Wellbeing)
  • Tidy up your office - recycle papers you no longer need. (Environmental Wellbeing)
  • Do some healthy meal planning for the rest of the week. (Physical Wellbeing)
  • Invite a colleague on a walking meeting to brainstorm on the go and energize your ideas. (Physical and Mental Wellbeing)
  • Take the long way back to your office when walking to meetings. Bonus points if you pick up litter along the way.  (Physical and Environmental Wellbeing)
  • Read a few pages of a book you've always wanted to read. (Mental Wellbeing)
  • Take a short nap. (Physical Wellbeing)

Resources for Managers: 

Looking for additional ways to support your staff? 

Practice Gratitude



  • Contact us for a copy of our Healthy Workplace Toolkit for Managers by emailing Jenn Bennett at bennetj7@ohio.edu
  • Invite WellWorks to present at an upcoming staff meeting by filling out our Wellness Request Form.