Virtual Involvement Center

Keep Athens close to your heart and stay engaged with these virtual activities that can be done from home! Have fun solo, with your family or roommates, or over the internet with loved ones. 

Remote Events

Campus events gone virtual


    Virtual Events This Month

    Virtual events are being offered every day at OHIO. See upcoming opportunities to get involved.


Virtual Tours and Webcams

Sight-see around the world from the comfort of your living room


    CuriOdyssey's Bobcat Cam

    Watch these two bobcats frolic in their habitat! 


    Kennedy Exhibits

    Dive into the virtual exhibitions being hosted at the Kennedy Museum of Art!


    Ohio University's Virtual Tour

    Take a digital walk through the Athens campus. You'll learn the history and see details you never noticed on campus before. 



Play alone or with friends to pass the time


    Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

    This Harry Potter-themed digital escape room can be completed solo or with friends! 


    Play Online Card Games With Friends

    Invite your friends to play virtual cards, including Crazy Eights, Go Fish, and "Remote Insensitivity," which is an online equivalent to Cards Against Humanity! 


    Combine Zoom with Jackbox for a Virtual Game Night

    Purchase a silly game and stream it to your friends over Zoom! Players contribute to the games through their phones. Drawful 2 is free for a limited time!


Media Jackpots

All the books, music, movies, TV, and theater you need to keep on keeping on


    Bring the Athena to You

    The Athena is offering newly released movie rentals virtually. Support independent film makers and the Athena Cinema. 


    Access Films on Kanopy through Alden Library

    When you've spent too much time with your other streaming applications, open up Kanopy for a fresh set of movie titles! This service is provided through Alden Library. 


    Explore the University's Library Archives

    Browse through Ohio University Libraries' special and unique collections, which have been digitized for expanded use. 


Arts and Crafts

Get creative with these projects that you can work on with supplies around the house


    Build an Origami Bobcat

    Download, print, and build your very own origami Bobcat! Or, follow along and make your own with kraft paper or a brown lunch sack and decorate with markers or whatever you have on hand. 


    Color All Things Ohio U

    Use your creativity to color an OHIO themed collage. Post on social and tag us in the results! 


    Draw Rufus in your Style

    Draw or otherwise recreate our mascot in your very own style! Post your masterpiece on social and tag us so we can see what you've created!


Random Internet Gems

Entertain yourself with these five-minute spurts of unique fun


    Silent Book Club

    Read what you want, but enjoy the virtual presence of other bibliophiles. 


    Become a Work of Art

    With Art Filter, try filters based on iconic artifacts from all over the world.



    Hyper-personalized astrological predictions about you.


Occupy the Kiddos

Hang out with and entertain your children or siblings during while we're all cooped up


    Family Friendly Activities at the Kennedy Museum of Art

    Coloring pages, vegetal dyes activity guide, sculpture walk, and virtual family encounters with the Kennedy Museum of Art. 


More Fun Things to Do

Just a few more ways to stay engaged and have fun!


    Find Connections Through the Bobcat Network

    The Bobcat Network is a virtual platform where alumni, students, faculty, and staff can engage in mentorship, networking, and professional development opportunities.


    Try Some Recipes from Jeff Market

    Cook with some familiar faces with these videos from Jefferson Marketplace.


    Use Forever OHIO Virtual Backgrounds

    Check out the OHIO virtual backgrounds that are available to use in your next video chat! #ForeverOHIO