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See below the Student Life section of the 2021 Ohio University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan.  Click on the image to view a document with clickable hyperlinks.

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Comments and responses from public forums on the Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Student Life section:

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I have not had the chance to go around campus and see for myself but I feel it would be beneficial to have lists posted on the garbage and recycling cans. It is often difficult for students and staff to know what can be recycled and what should be thrown away. These lists would allow for more accurate disposal. Will discuss with Campus Recycling. Belongs in Waste category?
This plan is a good mixture of both improving student life mentally, physically, and sustainably! Love the idea of incorporating sustainability, diversity and inclusion into Bobcat Student Orientation, which is a huge step to belonging to Ohio University. Thanks!


Simultaneously benefiting the quality of life for our students, improving their economic prosperity, and reducing their carbon footprint now and in the future is the goal of our student life sustainability theme.  Initiatives that fall within this theme include wellness, diversity, inclusion, affordability and accessibility programs.

Cats' Cupboard

Cats' Cupboard

Some students may not have enough to eat on a daily or weekly basis. Therefore, the Cats’ Cupboard food pantry, located on the fifth floor of Baker University Center, provides students access to fresh, frozen, and shelf stable food options to help with hunger. For more information, head to their website.

More information will be added to this webpage as the Sustainability & Climate Action Plan revision process progresses.