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Sustainable Living Hub: Student Life

Sustainable Living Hub: Student Life

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Simultaneously benefiting the quality of life for our students, improving their economic prosperity, and reducing their carbon footprint now and in the future is the goal of our student life sustainability theme.  Initiatives that fall within this theme include wellness, diversity, inclusion, affordability and accessibility programs.

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The Sustainability Project Laboratory is a database of sustainability-related project proposals. This resource hosts projects and project ideas that can be adopted by faculty, staff, and students for course projects, capstone or senior projects, theses, and more! Projects in the Student Life theme can be found here.

2017 Student Life Infographic: all text and graphics are outlined in the page content.
The 2017 Student Life infographic outlining progress towards the 2011 sustainability benchmarks and new goals set for fiscal year 2026. Find the information in the tabs "Where we are now (2017): Progress toward 2011 Sustainability Plan," "Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #1," and "Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #2."

Current Data

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 Where we are now (2017): Progress toward 2011 Sustainability Plan

  • Benchmark 19: Increase use of green cleaning products. Target met: Facilities Management has a green cleaning program.​

  • Benchmark 22: Implement recruitment strategies targeting sustainability-minded students, faculty and staff. Target met partially: sustainability student recruitment brochure created and mailed.

Student Life Graphics

STARS Student Life Comparison
AASHE STARS compares programs across the nation in many different categories. Ohio University reports above the national average in student life.
Ohio University Emissions Breakdown
At Ohio University, student life can be related to every type of carbon emission.


Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #1

Goal 1: Support and promote student wellbeing and resilience.

  • Increase the number of faculty participants in mental health and wellbeing trainings from 0 to 10.
  • Increase the number of student participants in peer wellbeing coaching programs from 0 to 20.

Potential Strategies​

  • Create a comprehensive plan for student physical & mental health, wellness & resilience​

  • Utilize RA Outreach/Residential Life Curriculum to promote wellbeing​

  • Develop off-campus living education on wellbeing and resilience​

  • Enhance and promote OHIO Basic Needs Initiative

  • Continue OHIO Guarantee

  • Enhance and promote OHIO Signature Awards

  • Engage student employees about wellbeing and resilience​

  • Identify new & enhance existing programs & services that help students build community and feel connected​

Benefits of Goal #1 

  • Recruitment and retention of students
  • Human health
  • Increased positive reputation
  • Promotion of social justice
  • Increased student success
  • Increased proactive environmental behavior

Costs of Goal #1

  • Staff time
  • Operation and management costs

Moving Forward: Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #2

Goal 2: Prioritize sustainability, diversity and inclusion as positive student attributes in recruitment and retention efforts

  • Increase the proportion of students that have participated in cultural competency or sustainability training by some to most.
  • Maintain and increase the percentage of student diversity (calculated by students reporting their race as non-Caucasian) from 21% to the standard that matches or exceeds State of Ohio diversity standards

Potential Strategies​

  • Develop cultural competency training for students​

  • Develop sustainability training for students​

  • Encourage inclusivity as a core design principle in teaching and learning​

  • Incorporate student sustainability, diversity, and inclusion information into recruitment materials and Bobcat Student Orientation​

  • Utilize Sky Factor survey to determine if sustainability efforts affect student satisfaction

Benefits of Goal #2

  • Recruitment and retention of students
  • Reduced emissions
  • Increased positive reputation
  • Promotion of social justice
  • Increased student success
  • Increased proactive environmental behavior

Costs of Goal #2

  • Staff time
  • Operation and management costs

Hub Supported Initiatives

Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors

The Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors is initiative started by Dr. Ryan Fogt in the spring of 2019 alongside the launch of the Sustainable Administration Hub.

The Ambassadors spend Fall semester participating, promoting, and hosting events on campus promoting a more sustainable Ohio University.

In the Spring semester the Ambassadors focus on outreach in Southeast Ohio.

Cats' Cupboard

The Cats’ Cupboard food pantry provides students access to fresh, frozen, and shelf stable food options to help with hunger.  Cats' Cupboard is located in Baker University Center, room 514.

The Cats’ Cupboard Food Pantry offers twice monthly pick-up of free food from the pantry. Pantry members can shop in person or fill out an order form and have their bags pre-packed.

Access to the pantry is provided by appointment.


Basic Needs Initiative

OHIO Guarantee


Hub Related Initiatives

Women's Mentoring Program

The Women's Mentoring Program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors at OHIO University.

In this two semester-long program, mentees are paired with a female mentor in their personal and professional fields of interest during the Fall semester. Mentors and mentees decide on the format of their mentoring relationship and the time commitment they wish to make, but all are required to meet at least once a month, face-to-face, and to attend four cohort events each year.

Green Cleaning Products

Support the use of biodegradable and Earth friendly cleaning products 

Sustainability website & recruitment materials 

Other Student Groups

To see other student groups at OHIO with an interest in sustainability, search "sustainability" on BobcatConnect or click here.

Ohio University Experts

Name:  Contact:  Description:
Dr. Kim Thompson Sustainable Living Hub Coordinator 
Barbara Harrison Community engagement; experiential learning
Cynthia Anderson Social inequality; labor wages
Edna Wangui Rural livelihoods and landscape change in East Africa; gender equality
Haley Duschinkski Human rights; International justice; Transitional justice
Harold Perkins Social justice; neoliberalization
Heather Hopgood Green organic chemistry; student engagement; metacognition
Jieli Li Sustainable development; globalization
Mariana Dantas Social justice; slavery
Mary Nally Social justice; food justice issues
Michele Morrone Environmental justice; food safety; Appalachian and rural environmental health
Miranda Kridler Smart growth, planning
Rachel Terman Women's studies; sociology of gender and identities; social inequalities; sustainable agriculture
Risa Whitson Gender and development; social geographies
Stephen Scanlan Environmental sociology; poverty/global inequality; social movements
Yegan Pillay Diversity and social justice issues
Micah McCarey Director LGBT Center
Lisa Flowers-Clements Assistant Director, Academic Support and Advising, OMSAR Interim Assistant Director, Women's Center
Dr. Chris Fowler Interim Director, Office of Multicultural Success and Retention
Sam Crowl Associate Director of Sustainability