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Culinary Services App

OHIO EATS is our mobile ordering app encompassing all information regarding the Culinary Services program including hours of operation, menu offerings, meal balance check, options to order and pick up a wide range of healthy and delicious meals safely and efficiently.

The OHIO EATS app is hosted through Transact Mobile Ordering. Download on the Apple app store or Google Play to start ordering. 

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Get to Know OHIO Eats

Ordering and Pickup

Menu items may be ordered and scheduled for pick up at these locations:

Summer 2022:

  • Front Room Cafe
  • West 82 Food Court

Reopen in Fall 2022

  • Boyd Market
  • Jefferson Marketplace, Brick City Deli, Steeped and Stirred
  • Latitude 39
  • Nelson Market
  • Smooth Moves located at Boyd Market

Accepted Forms of Payment for OHIO EATS

Coming Soon

Additional reward program features: Digital punch card and combo meals 


If you have any questions or need general help with the app, please email


OHIO EATS app screen 1: choose OHIO EATS from the list of available locations

1. Scroll or search for the OHIO EATS app

OHIO EATS app screen 2: decide which app art you prefer on your home screen

2. Choose the OHIO EATS logo for your app icon

OHIO EATS app screen 3: choose "log in with campus ID"

3. Tap "Log In With Campus ID" 

OHIO EATS app screen 4: Log in with your OHIO ID

 4. Log in with your OHIO ID to see available venues and meals!