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Campus is the Classroom

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About "Campus is the Classroom"

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"The Campus is the Classroom" initiative is an effort to bring teaching and learning out of the classroom and into the outdoors of Ohio University's campus, setting an example for other educational institutions. Sustainable Grounds of the Office of Sustainability aims to create and maintain healthy, natural, biodiverse and beautiful landscapes that can act as the foundation for sustainability-oriented experiential or outdoor learning opportunities. The OHIO campus is a place of pride for our students, alums, staff, faculty, and community members. OHIO has been awarded Tree Campus Higher Education for the sixth consecutive year for its commitment to creating a campus that is both accessible and environmentally friendly. As an affiliate of the Bee Campus USA, OHIO strives to improve its landscapes for pollinators. Thanks to our Grounds and Sustainability departments' whose hard work has contributed immensely to these accolades.


  • Reimagining the entire campus, both indoors and outdoors, as a potential learning space
  • Designing the space for learning; designing the learning for the space
  • Amplify and support the teaching and learning outdoors (TLO) that is already happening
  • Expand opportunities and resources for those interested in TLO
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The Sustainability Project Laboratory is a database of sustainability-related project proposals. This resource hosts projects and project ideas that can be adopted by faculty, staff, and students for course projects, capstone or senior projects, theses, and more. Search "Grounds" in the Project Database search bar on the Sustainability Project Laboratory page to find projects related to the Grounds theme.

Presentation of Current Progress

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Campus is the Classroom
Campus is the Classroom
Campus is the Classroom