Ohio University

The Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors


Taking direct action to combat climate change in Athens and Southeast Ohio


What We Do:

The Office of Sustainability Administration Hub proudly sponsors the Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors. An initiative started by Dr. Ryan Fogt in the spring of 2019 alongside the launch of the Sustainable Administration Hub.

The Ambassadors spend Fall semester participating, promoting, and hosting events on campus promoting a more sustainable Ohio University.

In the Spring semester the Ambassadors are still on campus, but focus on outreach in the surrounding communities in Southeast Ohio. In the Spring of 2020 we are focusing on Climate Education and awareness by presenting in local schools.

How we Work:

  • We are not a club, we have no elections or formal leadership structure.
  • We have business meetings no more than once a month.
  • We ask that participating community members attend 3 events (excluding business meetings) every semester.
  • We are available to volunteer for on, or off-campus events promoting a greener future for Ohio and the planet.
  • We primarily communicate via a Friday email and our OneDrive Shared Space (you can find the link below!)
  • Members decide what events they want to participate in and there are always opportunities for every interest and schedule.
  • Some activities are available to students and non-student community members! Apply to inquire.


Listen to our new weekly Sustainability Series Podcast here