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The Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors


Taking direct action to combat climate change in Athens and Southeast Ohio


What We Do:

The Office of Sustainability Administration Hub proudly sponsors the Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors. The Ambassadors are an initiative started by Dr. Ryan Fogt in the spring of 2019 alongside the launch of the Sustainable Administration Hub.

The Ambassadors spend Fall semester participating, promoting, and hosting events on campus promoting a more sustainable Ohio University.

In the Spring semester the Ambassadors are still on campus, but focus on outreach in the surrounding communities in Southeast Ohio.

Entering Fall semester 2022, we are focused on activities at Ohio University in order to engage the campus community in a number of things, including zero-waste athletic events, litter clean ups, and upcycling demonstrations.

How we Work:

  • We are not a club; we have no elections or formal leadership structure.
  • We have business meetings no more than once a month.
  • We ask that participating community members attend 3 events (excluding business meetings) every semester.
  • We are available to volunteer for on, or off-campus events promoting a greener future for Ohio and the planet.
  • We primarily communicate via a Friday email and our OneDrive Shared Space (you can find the link below!).
  • Members decide what events they want to participate in and there are always opportunities for every interest and schedule.
  • Some activities are available to students and non-student community members! Apply to inquire.


Listen to our new weekly Sustainability Series Podcast here

Ambassador Spotlights

Allison Shyrock

Allison Shryock 

Allison Shryock, an Honors Tutorial College senior majoring in environmental studies and geography, joined the Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors when the program became available in Spring of 2019 and has been working towards a more sustainable world ever since. Allison is currently the Marketing and Social Media Coordinator for the Office of Sustainability where she promotes events and encourage student engagement with the office. She became a Voinovich Undergraduate Research Scholar in her junior year working with the Zero Waste Initiative, was the Student Senate Environmental Affairs Commissioner in her sophomore and junior year and now sits on the University’s Sustainability Committee as a student representative. She says, “There are different ways to live sustainably, but it is important that everyone try to make sustainable choices, whether it’s using reusable bags, partaking in climate strikes or supporting environmental legislation. Individual actions can make a difference and result in collective action to better the environment.”

Chloe Jarret

Chloe Jarret 

Chloe Jarret, a third-year communications major, has been an Ohio University Climate and Sustainability Ambassador for just over a year now, but her short time in the program does not reflect all the amazing accomplishments she’s had. Chloe enjoys working on media projects and has even been featured on the Ohio University Sustainability Series podcast. One of her favorite things to work on has been a video about being eco-friendly on campus. She says, “The projects that I work with do not reach every person on this planet, but I am excited that they still have an impact, regardless of how big or small.” Her main motivation for becoming a sustainability ambassador was to work with others to educate and inspire, and it looks like she is doing just that. 

Megan Westervelt

Megan Westervelt

Megan Westervelt, a second year MFA candidate in the Communication Media Arts program, became a sustainability ambassador in 2019 to create positive changes in the Athens community, but her work started long before this in Amazonian Ecuador where she worked professionally in sustainability. Of her work in Athens, she says her favorite has been helping to create storm drains. Megan has also made virtual tours of the green roof spaces, ambassador recruitment videos and podcasts for the Office of Sustainability and has been an active volunteer with Rural Action. She says, “I truly enjoy getting involved in sustainability work because I feel it is the least that I can do to give back to a planet that has given all of us life! I yearn to protect nature, not only because of its resources that humanity requires to sustain itself, but also because I find tremendous inspiration and solace when I spend time walking through the forest or mountains, photographing all their wonders.” 

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson, a sophomore studying wildlife and conservation biology, joined the sustainability ambassadors to get more involved on campus during her freshman year. Through her work, she has published an article for the Office of Sustainability on palm oil, contributed to the sustainability series podcast and become a part of the Green Initiative which is focused on the development of the Schoonover Center green roof. “Sustainability is the future! Everyone deserves an environment with clean air and water, high quality food and healthy surroundings,” Emma says. “Although issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss present many problems, developing and expanding sustainable technologies is a promising step In the right direction.”