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Sustainable Administration Hub

Sustainable Administration Hub

About the Sustainable Administration Hub:

 The Sustainable Administration Hub focuses its attention on the sustainability themes of ClimateProcurementInvestments, and Human Resources  Please click on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) icons to the right to see the theme websites in the Administration category.

The Sustainability Project Laboratory

Sustainability Project Laboratory Icon

All Hubs of the Office of Sustainability contribute to the Sustainability Project Laboratory. The Sustainability Project Laboratory is a database of sustainability-related project proposals. This resource hosts projects and project ideas that can be adopted by faculty, staff, and students for course projects, capstone or senior projects, theses, and more.

Propose a sustainability project that will result in a simultaneous benefit to people, the planet, and prosperity (for faculty, staff, or community members)

Request a sustainability project for an Ohio University course or for research (for faculty or students)


The History of the Sustainable Administration Hub

Dr. Fogt came to Ohio University in 2009 after serving as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the National Research Council at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado.

His current research focuses on climate variability and change, particularly in Antarctica, where he has conducted fieldwork on multiple occasions.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Fogt serves as Director of OHIO's Scalia Laboratory for Atmospheric Analysis, which issues Athens forecasts on its website and phone hotline and keeps the community informed of upcoming weather concerns through their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Dr. Fogt launched the Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors to train student leaders to advance the reach, mission, and objectives of the Office of Sustainability, while involving additional faculty and staff who teach sustainability-related courses, conduct sustainability research, or have a passion for advancing sustainability across campus and more broadly across southeastern Ohio.

Each year during the fall semester, Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors focus on advancing sustainability and climate literacy and action across OHIO's campuses through targeted outreach and programs. During the spring semester, the Ambassadors shift their focus to the community by extending sustainability and climate literacy into regional primary and secondary schools to provide critical knowledge on climate change and its impact, and share ways in which each of us can help to reduce our carbon footprint.

Click here to apply for the Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors program.

Climate and Sustainability Ambassadors