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An Athens Public Transportation bus approaches the roundabout at Richland Ave. from the south.
Sustainable Living Hub: Transportation

Sustainable Living Hub: Transportation

About Sustainable Transportation

 Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Bicycle Riders with the Office of Sustainability

It is easy to travel to and around Ohio University by means other than single occupancy vehicles (SOVs). Alternative transit is often cheaper while using less natural resources than SOV transit.  Alternative active transportation (biking, walking) is cheaper, better for the environment, and healthier.  Alternative transit options for short and long distance trips are listed below. Service provider information is not guaranteed and its inclusion on this webpage does not imply that Ohio University endorses the providers. Please refer to the Office of Transportation and Parking Services webpage for additional information on campus transit options.

Sustainability Project Laboratory Logo

The Sustainability Project Laboratory is a database of sustainability-related project proposals. This resource hosts projects and project ideas that can be adopted by faculty, staff, and students for course projects, capstone or senior projects, theses, and more. Search "Transportation" in the Project Database search bar on the Sustainability Project Laboratory page to find projects related to the transportation theme.

2017 Transportation Infographic: all text and graphics are outlined in the page content.
The 2017 Transportation infographic outlining progress towards the 2011 sustainability benchmarks and new goals set for fiscal year 2026. Find the information in the tabs "Where we are now (2017): Progress toward 2011 Sustainability Plan," "Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #1," and "Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #2."

Current Data

A line graph showing Ohio Univeristy's commuting carbon emissions for students, staff, and faculty.
Ohio University students make up the majority of commuting carbon emissions, approximately 14,000 metric tons of emitted carbon dioxide (MT-eCO2) in 2020, followed by staff commuting (approximately 6,000 MT-eCO2) and faculty commuting (approximately 2,000 MT-eCO2). For the 2021 school year, commuting was at an all time low thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, since that year, faculty and staff commuting has decreased since more are able to work remotely (around 1/3 of faculty worked remotely in 2022) but student commuting emissions have shot up significantly.
Ohio University has over 33 miles of sidewalks.
Ohio University is proud to have over 33 miles of sidewalk on its campus.

Accessibility View of Transportation Graphics

Transportation Graphics

STARS Transportation Comparison
AASHE STARS compares programs across the nation in many different categories. Ohio University reports above the national average in transportation.
Ohio University Emissions Breakdown
At Ohio University, transportation makes up about a quarter of the emissions, with faculty (light purple), staff (light green), and student (dark blue) composing a large part of that. Air travel (brown) and direct transportation (orange) also contribute to the transportation total.

Where we are now (2017): Progress toward 2011 Sustainability Plan

  • Benchmark 1:  Reduce institutional greenhouse gas emissions. Target exceeded and in Progress.​

  • Benchmark 16:  Improve sustainability profile of student, staff, and faculty vehicles. Ineffective target and goal.

  • Benchmark 18:  Improve sustainability profile of campus fleet. Target baseline created (fuel economy) and target met (CAFE).​

  • Benchmark 27:  Decrease use of Single Occupancy Vehicles. Target nearly met and data collected.

Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #1

Goal 1: Reduce carbon emissions from transportation from 25,208 MTeCO2 in FY17 to 20,000 MTeCO2 in FY26. Includes all transit available with Bobcat Pass from Athens Public Transit and from campus transportation services.

Potential Strategies​

  • Increase options for and use of alternative transportation to, from and on campus  ​

  • Offer opportunities for carbon offset purchases for airline and conference travel​

  • Increase marketing of alternative transit and carbon emissions reduction initiatives​

  • Increased use of hybrid vehicles in campus fleet​

  • Educational campaign to expand campus bus ridership​

  • Educational campaign to encourage alternative  transportation usage​

  • Improve fuel economy of University vehicles​

  • Continue Campus Circulation Thru Transit program

Benefits of Goal #1 

  • Reduced operating expense
  • Reduced emissions
  • Human health benefits 

Costs of Goal #1

  • Capital expenses
  • Operation and management costs

Moving Forward: 2017 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan Goal #2

Goal 2: Create safe, efficient, affordable and healthy routes and options for non-SOV (single occupancy vehicle) transit.

  • Increase miles of non-motorized transportation routes from 3 to 3.5 miles. Includes Bikeway, campus roadway bike lanes, and multi-modal Sweep.
  • Increase number of bus routes from 7 to 12. Includes all transit available with Bobcat Pass from Athens Public Transit and from campus transportation services.
  • Increase number of monthly small shared mobility device users from 2500 to 2750.

Potential Strategies​

  • Offer expanded Shared Mobility Programs​

  • "Share the Road" educational campaign​

  • Utilize Complete Streets framework ​

  • Identify additional non-motorized transportation routes

Benefits of Goal #2

  • Reduced operating expense
  • Positive community impact
  • Human health benefits 

Costs of Goal #2

  • Capital expenses
  • Operation and management costs

Hub Initiatives

Hub Supported Initiatives

ReBike Program

Each year dozens of bicycles are abandoned on campus. After collecting the abandoned bicycles, the Ohio University Police Department holds the seized property. If no claims have been made within 90 days, the property is legally declared abandoned and turned over to OHIO Moving & Surplus. In the spring, Moving & Surplus collaborates with the Office of Sustainability to offer these salvaged bicycles for sale to our community. Click here for more information.

EV Showcase

Included in the annual OHIO Earth Day Celebrations is an electric vehicle showcase to show off solar power and electric-drive technologies, including electric automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and skateboards. Click here to learn more.

Hub Related Initiatives

Bobcat Pass

The Bobcat Pass Program is a partnership between Ohio University and the City of Athens which enables faculty, staff and students to ride Athens Public Transit (APT) routes free of charge. Riders simply present their valid university ID to bus drivers on designated APT routes for unlimited travel. Transit vehicles provide accessibility and bicycle accommodations. Click here to learn more.

Shared Active Transportation Programs

OHIO supports sustainability through promoting the use of safe, reliable and affordable multi-modal transportation options including shared mobility devices such as e-scooters and e-bikes.

Transportation Working Group

Led by OHIO Transportation and Parking Services, this working group includes campus, city and county transit partners who meet regularly to discuss transit issues and share information.

Plug in EV Charging Stations

OHIO maintains five Level II rapid charge electric vehicle charging stations for public use.  Each station accommodates two vehicles. Click here for more information.

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is a 22+ mile paved bike path along the Hocking River that runs from Athens to The Plains and through the Wayne National Forest to Nelsonville.

Ohio University is responsible for a portion of the path between O'Bleness Hospital and Stimson Avenue. The Office of Sustainability represents the University on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Advisory Committee.

Alternative Transportation Options

By Bike

Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Logo

The Hockhocking Adena Bikeway is a paved path that runs more than 22+ miles along the Hocking River through Athens, past the edges of Chauncey and The Plains, through part of Wayne National Forest, to Nelsonville.

Mile markers (see image above) are painted at all full and half mile locations along the Bikeway. There are also wooden posts signifying all full and half miles on the Bikeway. The mile markers were painted by volunteers using stencils that were custom-designed through the Communities Preventing Chronic Disease program of the Athens City-County Health Department. These stencils, inspired by historic brick designs of the region, connect cyclists to the history of Southeast Ohio.

Ohio University serves as a steward of the section of the bikeway stretching from OhioHealth O'Bleness Hospital to Stimson Avenue. When traveling on the path in the eastern City of Athens portion of the path, a cyclist can access the stores on East State Street. On the northern section of the path, a cyclist can access the Historic Square Arts District in Nelsonville.

The more ambitious cyclist may want to save on rent by living in Nelsonville or The Plains, and cycle to school or work each day in the City of Athens. The path has restrooms and drinking fountains at various stops.

hockhocking Adena Bikeway map

The University's section of the bikeway underwent major repairs in 2014 and 2015. The repaving project cost approximately $300,000 and was done in an effort to uphold a responsibility to provide safe and active transportation options to the campus community.

The Office of Sustainability represents the University on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway Advisory Committee. If you need to report a problem with a section of the pathway which sits on University property, please email the Office of Sustainability at

To learn more about the bikeway, its rules and how to host an event along the Bikeway, contact the Athens County Visitors Bureau.

Bike Maps

If your commute to work, school, or elsewhere is not along the bikeway, Cycle Path Bicycle Shop offers a free, printable bicycle commuter map for Athens. The map is color-coded so the commuter knows which roads have the least automobile traffic.

The Southeast Ohio Bicycle Map contains four maps showing road conditions and routes for Athens and surrounding counties, with inset details for Athens, the Plains, Logan, and Nelsonville. Printed on environmentally friendly Yupo, the SE Ohio Bicycle Map is completely waterproof, tear-proof, and will inspire years of rides through the region. Copies of the map are available for purchase by Athens Bicycle Club.

Bike Repairs & Gear
If you need bike repairs, parts, clothing, rental, or are looking to purchase a bike, there are two bicycle shops located in Athens: Cycle Path Bicycle Shop and The Pedaler & The Packer.

Bike Registration
For security reasons, students should register their bikes with the Ohio University Police Department (593-1911) and store them either in bike storerooms (located on New South) or at bike racks located outside of academic buildings and residence halls.

By Rideshare/Taxi

Athens GOTO Cab - Athens Airport Express

Athens GO TO CAB is an owner operated cab company. They have three taxi-vans that are used as cabs as well as for airport express service.  Call (740)-590-4686.

Lyft - Use their website or download the app to find a ride.

Uber - Use their website or download the app to find a ride.

By Foot

Sustainability Walking Map

A free Sustainability Walking Map is available online for anyone interested in exploring the various sustainable features of campus and the local community. This map is constantly being updated, so please feel welcomed to email us with suggested additions (

There are plenty of ways to get around Athens sustainably.

Walk Score

Are you looking for a new apartment and want to find out the neighborhood's "walkability" rating? Check out the website to determine the distance to amenities such as parks, grocery stores, libraries, coffee shops, and more.

By Electric Car

Ohio University has electric vehicle charging stations on campus. Please connect to Transportation and Parking Services electric vehicle parking webpage for more information.

Ohio University Experts on Transportation

Experts on Transportation

Kyle Butlerbutlerk@ohio.eduSustainable Living Hub Coordinator
Geoffrey Buckleybuckleg1@ohio.eduUrban sustainability
Tia Hyselltps@ohio.eduDirector, Transportation and Parking Services
Robert Barber-Delachdelach@ohio.eduAssistant Director for Graduate CRM Operations
Sam Crowlcrowls1@ohio.eduAssociate Director of Sustainability
Bhaven Naiknaik@ohio.eduAssociate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Edna Wanguiwangui@ohio.eduProfessor;Chair, Department of Geography