Ohio University

Revision Process

It's time for a revision!

The Ohio University Sustainability Plan was developed in 2011. The Climate Action Plan was developed in 2012. These plans have reached the end of their useful life as the University has implemented many of the original "benchmarks".  Our Presidential Carbon Commitment (Second Nature) also requires us to update a Climate Action Plan every 5 years.

Since the spring of 2016, the University has made steps toward a full revision of both the Sustainability Plan and Climate Action Plan. The initial planning process included an extended Public Comment Period throughout 2016 and spring semester 2017 to gather stakeholder suggestions for the revisions.  The revision process was put on hold in Fall 2017 for the restructuring of Sustainability into the current Sustainability Hub structure.  

image of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plan timeline
Sustainability & Climate Action Plan revision timeline, 2019-2021

In January, 2020, the Ohio University Board of Trustees were presented the new goals of the 2021 Sustainability & Climate Action Plan.

In Fall 2020, the public vetting process was moved online due to COVID-19.  The online public comment period occurred in December 2020 and January 2021.

Most recent update:  The public comment period for the draft 2021 Ohio University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan have now concluded.  Thank you for your comments, suggestions and constructive criticisms!  We will post your comments and our responses soon.

Please email the Office of Sustainability at sustainability@ohio.edu at any time with your comments on the plan revision.  Updates to the revision process will be added to this page as they become available.