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Sustainability Network

Sustainability Network

What is the Sustainability Network?

The Sustainability Network is a student-run organization that acts as a bridge by fostering communication between Ohio University's on-campus organizations, Student Senate, the Office of Sustainability and the greater Athens community. The Sustainability Network facilitates communication among these stakeholders to maximize the impacts of sustainability-related events and increase community awareness of sustainability.

Throughout the year, the Sustainability Network hosts events — like EcoFest — to promote networking, instigate collaboration and recruit new members.

Mission Statement

The Sustainability Network seeks to provide a means of communication between sustainability-minded organizations in the Ohio University and greater Athens community to address the inefficiencies of small-scale projects by allowing access to a greater forum of community members to maximize impacts and inspire change.

Get Involved With the Sustainability Network

  • Have you ever wondered how other people in our community approach sustainability?
  • Do you like being informed about the projects other environmental or sustainability-oriented organizations are working on?
  • Would you like to collaborate with other people and groups to achieve big goals?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to volunteer or get involved with sustainability-related work?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," consider joining the Sustainability Network!

To get involved, follow the Sustainability Network on Instagram, check the calendar for event updates and subscribe to the Office of Sustainability's email list. If your student organization is hosting an event or needs volunteers, fill out the event form and we'll help spread the word.

Passionate individuals can also apply to become a member of our executive team by emailing Caden Hibbs with the subject "Sustainability Network Executive Positions".

Sustainability Network Events

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Submit an Event

The Sustainability Network supports sustainability-related student organizations and organizations hosting sustainability-related events by:

  • Adding the event to the Calendar of University Events (CUE) with a link to the event on GivePulse (if provided) and a special tag to ensure the event populates in the CUE feed with other sustainability-related events
  • Adding the event to GivePulse, if needed
  • Publicizing the event through the Sustainability Network's Instagram account
  • Working with the Office of Sustainability to publicize the event through the Office of Sustainability's social media accounts and newsletter

If your student organization is hosting an event and would like the Sustainability Network to promote the event or help recruit volunteers, please complete the event form.

Submit an Event

Executive Leadership

With so many existing and emerging environmental and sustainability-related groups on campus and in the greater Athens area, the founders noticed a growing disconnect: instances of overlapping events, small projects competing rather than collaborating to accomplish the same goals, a lack of cross-organizational awareness and missed networking opportunities. This need for better connectivity inspired the idea to create the Sustainability Network.

Current Leaders

Role: Athens Environment and Sustainability Commissioner
Katelyn Rousch

Major: Honors Tutorial College Environmental Studies and Economics

Graduation Year: 2023

Additional Organizations and Affiliations:

  • The Athens Effect, Editor in Chief
  • Campus Recycling Compost Pilot, Student Coordinator
  • Margaret Boyd Scholar
Role: Campus Recycling Commissioner
Era Bakia

Major: Biology with a focus on Environmental Studies

Graduation Year: 2023

Additional Organizations and Affiliations:

  • Bobcats Go Green, President
  • Popescu Lab Wildlife Conservation Research
  • Campus Recycling Communications Team
  • Eco-Confetti Coordinator
  • Peer-Led Team Learning Leader
  • Sustainability and BIOS Ambassador
Role: Student Senate Environmental Commissioner
Caden Hibbs

Major: Economics

Graduation Year: 2025

Additional Organizations and Affiliations:

  • OHIO Honors Program
  • Green Initiative Policy Coordinator
  • Climate and Sustainability Ambassador
Role: Leadership Member
Samantha Holdaway

Major: Environmental Studies

Graduation Year: 2025

Additional Organizations and Affiliations:

  • Sierra Student Coalition

Become a Leader

The Sustainability Network is growing! We are actively looking for passionate individuals to fill the roles of Athens Environment and Sustainability Commissioner, Campus Recycling Commissioner and Office of Sustainability Commissioner. Additionally, we would like to recruit at least one student representative from each of the various campus organizations.

If you're interested in any of these roles, please email Caden Hibbs with the subject "Sustainability Network Executive Positions".