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Green Event Planning

Are you interested in hosting a Green Event at Ohio University? Green Events are intentionally planned to simultaneously benefit people, planet and prosperity.  Follow the checklist below to host a Green Event at Ohio University. 

Click the following link to register your event as a green event.  Please contact sustainability@ohio.edu for more information.

Green Event Registration


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This checklist was created by Elle Dickerman, '20, with support from the Sugar Bush Foundation, the Voinovich School, and the Zero Waste Initiative.

The Zero Waste Initiative

The Zero Waste efforts at Ohio University are a product of the collaboration between Rural Action and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs as part of the Appalachian Ohio Zero Waste Initiative, a program funded by the Sugar Bush Foundation.

Beautification Day

What is Zero Waste?

To reach zero waste, by definition, one must have a 90% diversion rate of waste going to the landfill. This is achieved by reducing the amount of waste created, recycling or composting the waste instead of throwing it away, and reusing and re-purposing items that are still functional.

Our goal is to work in collaboration with the Ohio University faculty, staff, and students to create a more sustainable campus, specifically through the improvement of waste management programs and Green Event planning resources.

Free and Shared Resources

The Office of Sustainability encourages free and shared resources within our communities.  Much of the equipment and supplies we own could be used more efficiently and fully if we loaned it out to other members of our community.  In that light, we have compiled a list of equipment and supplies that our office will share with others.  Please fill out the online form if you would like to borrow any of the items listed below.

  • Blender bike, bike stand and blender equipment (also can be used as a charger bike to demonstrate human-powered cell phone charging)
  • 20 china dinner plates
  • Cutlery sets of fork, knife, spoon, approximately 40 sets
  • Two water coolers, approximately 7 gallons each
  • Four folding tables, approximately 6" by 2.5", 
  • 20 folding chairs

In addition, there are many locations with free, shared and rental resources for University community members.  Please see the list below.

OHIO Basic Needs (free resources for students challenged by basic needs of food, clothing and shelter)

Office of Recycling & Zero Waste free stuff (free office supplies, tables, chairs, etc)

CoLab (free business resources, free use of tools, machines and basic project materials for students)

Moving & Surplus (sale of inexpensive used furniture, computers, etc; rental of tables and chairs) 

Catering (rental of linens, china, cutlery and décor items)

Transportation & Parking (free public transit, car share rental)