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Green Events

Are you interested in hosting a Green Event at Ohio University? Green Events are intentionally planned to simultaneously benefit people, planet and prosperity.  Follow the checklist below to host a Green Event at Ohio University. 

Click the following link to register your event as a green event.  Please contact sustainability@ohio.edu for more information.

Green Event Registration


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This checklist was created by Elle Dickerman, '20, with support from the Sugar Bush Foundation, the Voinovich School, and the Zero Waste Initiative.

The Zero Waste Initiative

The Zero Waste efforts at Ohio University are a product of the collaboration between Rural Action and the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs as part of the Appalachian Ohio Zero Waste Initiative, a program funded by the Sugar Bush Foundation.

Beautification Day

What is Zero Waste?

To reach zero waste, by definition, one must have a 90% diversion rate of waste going to the landfill. This is achieved by reducing the amount of waste created, recycling or composting the waste instead of throwing it away, and reusing and re-purposing items that are still functional.

Our goal is to work in collaboration with the Ohio University faculty, staff, and students to create a more sustainable campus, specifically through the improvement of waste management programs and Green Event planning resources.

Contact Us

If you are interested in helping to increase the sustainability of our campus by promoting Zero Waste and Green Events, please contact the Student Zero Waste Coordinator, at zerowaste@ohio.edu.