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Sustainability Hub Seminar Series

Sustainability Hub Seminar Series

The Office of Sustainability and the Sustainability Hubs are pleased to present 3 Sustainability Hub seminars each semester.

These seminars occur in September, October and November during the Fall semester, and February, March and April during the Spring semester.

Each seminar focuses on a sustainability initiative in one of Ohio University's 12 sustainability themes:  transportation, food, water, waste, procurement, investments, grounds, energy, buildings, student affairs, human resources and climate.

Fall, 2020 Seminar Dates and Topics

The Fall 2020 Sustainability Hub Seminar Series:  TBD.  Seminars will occur virtually if not in person..

Past Topics 


  • February 27 (Thursday), 4pm.  Baker University Center Front Room: Dr. Ryan Fogt & Panelists including Cat Russell (Human Resources) and Jan Huebenthal (Diversity & Inclusion) Topic: Creating a Sustainable Workplace: Fostering Belonging at OHIO
  • March 26 (Thursday), 5pm.  Baker University Center Front Room: Dr. David Bayless & Steve Wood, Ohio University Chief Facilities Office.  Topic:  Sustainable Energy at Ohio University.  POSTPONED UNTIL FALL 2020
  • April 22 (Wednesday; 50th anniversary of Earth Day): VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR  Dr. Theresa Moran & Susan Calhoun, Landscape Coordinator.  Topic:  Ohio University Tree Program.


  • February 19, 2019:  Summary of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report and Introduction to the Climate & Sustainability Ambassadors program, presented by Dr. Ryan Fogt, Sustainable Administration Hub Coordinator
  • March 19, 2019:  Introduction to the Sustainable Project Laboratory and the Sustainable Infrastructure Hub, presented by Dr. David Bayless, Sustainable Infrastructure Hub Coordinator
  • April 16, 2019:  The OHIO Student Farm and the Farm to OHIO initiative, presented by Dr. Theresa Moran, Sustainable Living Hub Coordinator  ***this seminar will include a trip to the OHIO Student Farm after a brief introduction in the Front Room.
  • September 4 (Wednesday), 5pm.  Baker University Center Front Room:  "Sustainability:  A challenge of and solution to global climate change" presented by Dr. Ryan Fogt.
  • October 3 (Thursday), 5pm.  Baker University Center Front Room: The OHIO Student Farm, presented by Dr. Theresa Moran and a student panel.
  • November 6 (Wednesday), 5pm.  Baker University Center Front Room: Sustainable Project Laboratory and other academic initiatives related to sustainability, presented by Dr. David Bayless