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Sustainability Hub Seminar Series

Sustainability Hub Seminar Series

The Office of Sustainability and the Sustainability Hubs are pleased to present 3 Sustainability Hub seminars each semester.

These seminars occur in September, October and November during the fall semester, and February, March and April during the spring semester.

Each seminar focuses on a sustainability initiative in one of Ohio University's 12 sustainability themes:  transportation, food, water, waste, procurement, investments, grounds, energy, buildings, student life, human resources and climate.

Fall 2021 Seminar Dates and Topics

Information about the fall 2021 Sustainability Hub Seminar Series will be posted in the Calendar of University Events and on this webpage once available.

Past Topics


  • February 15, 2021, 5pm.  VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR:  Sustainable Living Hub Coordinator Kim Thompson and Tia Hysell, Director of Transportation and Parking Services at Ohio University, share options for sustainable transportation around campus and the surrounding community. The seminar examines the impacts our transportation choices have on the environment and the variety of options we have available to us in Athens.

  • March 22, 2021, 5pm.  VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR: Sustainable Administration Hub Coordinator Ryan Fogt, Ana Rosado-Feger, Associate Professor of Operations Management, David Stowe, Associate Professor of Finance, and student investment group members discuss investing basics, how sustainability plays a role in modern investment decision making, and the challenges and successes the OHIO student investment teams have experienced over the last eight years.  Additionally, presenters examine cutting edge student research into sustainable and ESG investing.  

  • April 19, 2021, 5pm: VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR: Jesus Pagán, Sustainable Infrastructure Hub Coordinator, and Dr. Andrew Weems, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, discuss and demonstrate research on plastic recycling efforts, including for 3D printing, within the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.


  • February 27, 2020, 4pm.  IN_PERSON SEMINAR, Baker University Center Front Room: Dr. Ryan Fogt & Panelists including Cat Russell (Human Resources) and Jan Huebenthal (Diversity & Inclusion). Topic: Creating a Sustainable Workplace: Fostering Belonging at OHIO
  • March 26, 2020, 5pm.  Baker University Center Front Room: Dr. David Bayless & Steve Wood, Ohio University Chief Facilities Officer.  Topic: Sustainable Energy at Ohio University.  CANCELLED due to COVID-19
  • April 22, 2020, 5pm.  VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR:  Dr. Theresa Moran & Susan Calhoun, Landscape Coordinator.  Topic:  Ohio University Tree Program
  • September 14, 5pm. VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR: Dr. David Bayless, Sustainable Infrastructure Hub Coordinator and Loehr Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and special guest Alex Burke, Energy Procurement & Environmental Sustainability Advisor at Cardinal Health and alumnus of the OHIO Environmental Studies MA program.  Topic:  Implementing Sustainable Energy Projects – From Ideation to Carbon Free Power.
  • October 12, 5pm. VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR: Dr. Kim Thompson, Sustainable Living Hub Coordinator and Associate Professor of Environmental & Plant Biology.  Topic:  OHIO's newest Green Roof on Schoonover Center
  • November 9, 5pm. VIRTUAL HUB SEMINAR: Dr. Ryan Fogt, Sustainable Administration Hub Coordinator and Rusty Thomas, Purchasing Manager.  Topic:  Sustainable Purchasing practices at Ohio University