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Front lawn of the EcoHouse displayed in view of the front porch where students gather.

Applications Closed for 2019-2020

OHIO Ecohouse is a fantastic off-campus sustainable-living experience

Welcome to the OHIO Ecohouse

Welcome to the OHIO Ecohouse

A unique off-campus housing opportunity
The OHIO Ecohouse is one of two residences at Ohio University that offers students the chance to focus on sustainable behaviors; the other is the Sustainable Living Floor. Any student (undergraduate or graduate) who is eligible to live off-campus is invited to apply to live in the house to further their knowledge of and investment in sustainable living. No experience with sustainability is required; residents must merely have an interest in learning more about sustainability. Residents engage in a variety of exciting activities and workshops to enhance their sustainable living skills. Applications are available by following the navigation link above.

The mission of the OHIO Ecohouse is to demonstrate affordable green technology and sustainable living in order to inform, engage and inspire both residents and visitors. The OHIO Ecohouse is not just a place – it is a dynamic education experience which promotes critical thinking and tangible actions toward sustainability.