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Sustainability and Climate Action Plans and Reports

2021 Ohio University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

Ohio University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan - The 2021 version of the Sustainability & Climate Action Plan was approved by the Ohio University Board of Trustees on June 18, 2021.  The Plan outlines 32 sustainability-focused priorities of the institution in 16 areas (3 core components, 12 themes, and 1 administrative section).  Sections of the plans are also posted in their respective theme pages under the "Hubs, Themes and Initiatives" top navigation tab.  

The Office of Sustainability is grateful to the hundreds of people who provided comments and feedback to versions of this plan over the past several years.

Reporting Overview

Ohio University submits a sustainability-related report to the President and the Board of Trustees each year. These reports typically cover progress toward the Second Nature Carbon Commitment (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory); advancement of goals in the Ohio University Sustainability & Climate Action Plan(s); the AASHE STARS submissions; and other Ohio University sustainability recognitions.

Previous reports included focuses on:

2013: Sustainability Report

2014: Sustainability and Climate Action Report 

2015: 2015 STARS Report- Silver rating

2016: a Climate Action Plan report

2017:  a Sustainability Plan report

2018: 2018 STARS Report - Silver rating

2019: restructuring and revision of the Sustainability and Climate Action Plans.

2020:  draft Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

Princeton Review Green Colleges Reports

Ohio University has been recognized as a "Green College" every year since 2012, but links are only available through Princeton Review for the current year.  Currently, Ohio University submits information to Princeton Review Green Colleges through the AASHE STARS reporting tool.

Sierra Club Cool Schools Reports

The Sierra Club publishes a ranking of "Cool Schools" each year. Currently, Ohio University submits information to the Sierra Club through the AASHE STARS reporting tool.  Ohio University was ranked:

US EPA Green Power Partnership Reports 

Ohio University has been on the Top 30 College & University Green Power Partnership list since 2016, but only the current quarterly list is posted on the US EPA Green Power Partnership website.

Additional Documents:

Former versions of plans:

Sustainability Plan, Version One (Summer 2011)

Sustainability Plan, Version Three (December 2012)

Climate Action Plan (2012)