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Information for New Employees

Picture of Athens Painted highlighting the clouds.

Have you recently been hired by Ohio University and will be stationed at the Athens campus? Or, are you sick of your long commute and are ready to relocate to Athens, Ohio? The benefits of living in the town in which you work are plentiful. Though, sometimes, finding the right information in making your new home decisions can be quite confusing. Allow us to assist you in your efforts to find the perfect home and a short commute! We know you have a lot to consider, so we've compiled some of our favorite sustainable tips about relocating to Athens.

An Ohio University employee who travels 10 miles per day commuting to/from work produces about 3.67 kg of CO2 per day, which is equivalent to about 385.35 kg during the school year alone! Do the math to find out how much CO2 you'll emit annually based on where you'd like to live:
0.367 kg CO2 emitted per mile, 5 days in a work week, 30 weeks in a school year.

What else would you like to know about living in Athens, Ohio? Is there something missing from this list that you'd like to learn about? We would love your feedback about what to add. Email us your questions at

Residential Neighborhoods Map:

Are you looking for the right neighborhood to fit your needs? Athens City Planner, Paul Logue, created the map below to assist Ohio University employees in their relocation efforts. The map offers a general overview of the majority of households found within each neighborhood. It should be noted that these are generalizations and should not, necessarily, be interpreted as a way to encourage/discourage residency in any one area of the city. You may also choose to download a PDF of this map[PDF].

Map of Athens top down view.

Neighborhood Associations:

A number of active neighborhood associations exist in the area to help Athens residents connect to their home and advocate for their neighborhood's rights. A listing of these associations and their websites are available online.

Real Estate and Rentals:

Then Athens County Convention and Visitors Bureau is host to a comprehensive listing of in Athens county real estate and rental opportunities.

Local Schools:

A common factor considered when deciding where to live is that of the local school districts. Residents of Athens, Ohio typically send their children to Athens City School District. Though, support organizations for home-schooling also exist.

Biking in Athens

Once you have found the ideal neighborhood and home in Athens, it is important to consider your commuting needs. Many Athens campus employees have discovered that biking around town is an ideal form of transit.

  • Hockhocking Adena Bikeway: This 21-mile bike and pedestrian trail connects local communities and cradles the university, making low-carbon transit accessible.
  • Athens Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee: This group of Athens community members meets regularly to discuss safety and access for pedestrian and bicycle transit in town. Suggestions for improvements are always welcomed.
  • Map of campus bike racks[PDF]: This map offers an overview of the bike racks offered at the Athens campus.
  • Bike Repairs: A number of local bicycle businesses are available to assist you with your biking needs. For the savvy biker, a DIY repair station is planned for the exterior of Bingham House on the Athens campus (log cabin on the corner of Richland and Shafer) for Summer 2014. We will update this site as more information about that repair station becomes available.
  • Bike Shops: There are a variety of bicycle repair and dealer shops located throughout Athens county. A listing of those bike shops is available at the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway link provided above.

Food Access:

Athens, Ohio is home to the 30 Mile Meal; a local food project that has been modeled at various other towns and cities across the nation. Access to local, healthy food is made easy in Athens and is one of the many reasons so many of OHIO faculty and staff choose to live here.

  • 30 Mile Meal: This program celebrates and promotes those producing, selling and serving local foods in Southeast Ohio.
  • Chesterhill Produce Auction: This produce auction occurs on Mondays and Thursdays during the growing season and draws crowds from all over the region looking to buy small-batch and bulk foods at unbeatable prices. It's an experience unlike any other in the region and is just a short drive from Athens.
  • Athens Farmers Market:The Athens Farmers' Market is held year-round and features produce, canned goods, bakery items, meats, cheeses, dairy products and other locally produced goods. During the summer months, special events are commonly hosted during the Farmers' Market to continue to shine a light on our stunning local food efforts in Southeast Ohio.

Recycling in Athens:

Regardless of where you choose to live in the Athens area, recycling is an integral component of Sustainability. Whether living on campus, within an apartment or house in Athens, and even outside city limits?recycling is made available to any living arrangement.

Mixed Stream Recycling
As of 2015, Ohio University and the Athens area have been using mixed recycling--a newer, more efficient method than previous practices. Mixed stream is the recycling of plastics #1 - 7, metals, glass, paper, and cardboard all in the same bin. This process makes recycling literally as easy as landfill. It also creates a significant opportunity for communities to get a lot closer to their Zero Waste goals.

  • On Campus

Each residence hall room, office space and work area should come equipped with both a deskside recycling and landfill bin. If you find yourself without one or both, or need other help with recycling, please submit a work request and Campus Recycling will deliver them shortly.

  • Off Campus

If your house or apartment has not provided a red curbside recycling bin, please visit the Athens City Building on 8 E. Washington St. to collect yours. Recycling is picked up curbside the same day as refuse at no additional charge

If you live outside the city limits, Then Athens-Hocking Recycling Center (AHRC) provides rural curbside recycling and landfill pick-up, often for less than what many are accustomed to paying just for trash service.