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Electric Vehicle Parking

Ohio University encourages sustainable transportation options and proudly boasts 5 electric vehicle charging stations across campus.  Each charging station accommodates two vehicles.  Locations are equipped with Level II rapid charge stations (220v). Usage instructions are provided on each charging station device for user reference.

3/22/2022 Update: At this time one charging stall is currently down for maintenance at each location listed below. Notification has been posted at each location indicating the parking stall that is currently operational to allow for electric vehicle charging. 

Charging Station Locations

Lot Number Location Building Affiliation Location Description Time Limits & Payment Information
90 Morton Hall South-West corner of lot nearest Morton 5 Hour Limit.  $1.00 per hour paid via Park Mobile Application
111 Stocker Center North-East corner of lot nearest Stocker 5 Hour Limit.  $1.00 per hour paid via Park Mobile Application
Baker Garage Baker Garage Far End of Garage Opposite Stairwell

No Limit          $1.00 per hour paid via Park Mobile Application

132 Peden Stadium North-East Corner of Lot near South Green Drive 5 Hour Limit.  $1.00 per hour paid via Park Mobile Application
147 Medical Education Center North-West Corner of Lot near Factory Street 5 Hour Limit.  $1.00 per hour paid via Park Mobile Application

Charging stations situated within surface lots must be paid using Park Mobile.  This is a mobile application that allows users to pay for parking directly from their smartphone.  Users may set up an account at Parkmobile. The app may also be downloaded from this location. Users who do not wish to download the application may also pay for Park  Mobile fees by calling 1-877-727-5009.  Park Mobile may also be used to pay for parking at any meter on campus.

Each charging station has a designated zone, which is used for Park Mobile to identify the location in which you are parked. This zone is noted on the Charging Station Usage Instructions posted on each station. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions at each station for details.

For parking locations please reference the campus parking map located in the quick links section on the right sidebar.

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