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TripShot makes getting around Ohio University easy!


Ohio University Transportation and Parking Services has partnered with TripShot, a platform designed to streamline transit management operations, to make it easy for OHIO students, faculty and staff to navigate CATS Daily Campus Shuttle and CATS Evening and Weekend shuttles. By downloading and using the TripShot app, you can travel like a Bobcat — on time and in style!

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Benefits of Using the TripShot App

Once you have downloaded the TripShot app, click "Choose Public System" and you will find Ohio University in the dropdown menu. After selecting Ohio University, you will have the option to login with your OHIO email or continue without logging in. Anyone can use TripShot to view CATS Daily Campus Shuttle loop routes without logging in. If you would like to reserve a CATS Evening and Weekend Shuttle, you must click "Log in with Ohio University" to gain access via Single Sign-On (SSO).

Downloading and using the TripShot app offers additional benefits:

  • Complete visibility of all OHIO travel options
  • Real-time updates on delays and arrival times
  • To-the-minute arrival time of each bus stop
  • Ability to subscribe to push notifications for bus stop arrivals
  • View/reserve available rides for CATS Late Night Shuttles

To take advantage of these benefits, download the TripShot app and login through Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Get Started With TripShot

    Don't get stuck waiting at a bus stop, download the TripShot app today to view live tracking for CATS Daily Campus Shuttles, reserve your CATS Late Night ride and access Athens Public Transit routes, free to use with Bobcat Pass.

Make Reservations Using the TripShot App

Using the TripShot App with Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to easily view and reserve rides for CATS Late Night Shuttles. Please note: Ride reservations are only available for CATS Late Night Shuttles.

Important CATS Late Night Shuttle Reservation Notes:

  • Transportation and Parking Services strives to accommodate all CATS Late Night Shuttle requests in a timely fashion, as demand allows. All reservations are on a first-come first-served basis.
  • You are encouraged to schedule rides in advance.
  • Reservations must be made the day of for each day you would like to request service. CATS Late Night reservations will be permitted up to 12 hours in advance when using the TripShot app. Advance reservations for future days are not permitted.

TripShot Rider Guide

Making a Reservation

To make your reservation for CATS Late Night Shuttles:

  1. From the Home screen of the TripShot App, select "On Demand"
  2. Your service zone map will appear, if applicable
  3. Tap "Where would you like to go," to see your options
  4. Select your destination
  5. Review your pick-up location and the pick-up/drop-off times

Note: On-Demand options can also be found under "Trip Planner."

Confirm Your Reservation

  1. Click "Request Ride" to confirm your trip
  2. You can now:
    • View real-time location and accurate ETAs of the shuttle
    • View driver and shuttle info
    • Cancel the trip, if needed
  3. Visit "My Trips" to see your on-demand ride for CATS Late Night Shuttles

Athens Public Transit

Ohio University students, faculty and staff can access the Athens Public Transit (APT) routes free of charge with a University ID card. To catch a ride with APT, simply present your University ID card to bus drivers at designated APT routes for unlimited fare travel.

To access Athens Public Transit routes within the TripShot app, click "Athens Public Transit." APT uses the DoubleMap app, but the app is not required to view the Athens Public Transit routes within the TripShot app.