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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Reference Sheet (PDF, 363KB)

Textbook project update handout (PDF, 116KB)

Higher Education Opportunity Act
(H.R. 4137 Sec. 133. Textbook Information)
(PDF, 50KB)

Request for Access to Textbook System Form


Training Screencasts

Adding textbooks and materials to one or more classes (requires Flash):
1680x1028 resolution (for large screens)
1024x768 resolution (for smaller screens)

The following screencasts are videos:
1. Managing default materials (AVI, 6.4MB)
Or, select a different video format:
(MPEG, 32.5MB) (WMV, 8.2MB)

2. Applying default materials (AVI, 7.6MB)
Or, select a different video format:
(MPEG, 34.3MB) (WMV, 9.8MB)

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