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Service Level Agreement: Information Security

Information Security

Service Level Agreement: Information Security (PDF)

  • Incident Response - Advise on incident response process to minimize the threat of damage resulting from a breach of university data, in addition to notifying proper authorities when confidential data is involved.
  • Forensics and Investigations - Forensic and investigation services by request of specific departments that have investigative authority.
  • Risk Assessments - Security risk assessments based on established frameworks and best practices to help departments identify risks and reduce them to an acceptable level.
  • Vendor Security Review - Assessment of technology solutions to identify risks associated with the vendor, technology, or how it will be used.
  • Consulting - Advise departments on development of best security practices and controls to protect information technology assets.
  • Training and Awareness - Structured educational training and awareness tailored to OHIO faculty, staff, and student employees.
    • IT Security Workshop - In-person training sessions provide a better general understanding of information security best practices, data protection, and regulation requirements.
    • Online IT Security Training - Online, self-paced training consisting of short videos and accompanying quizzes.
  • Monitoring - Real-time network threat detection by analyzing university owned networks and systems.
  • Information Security Policies and Practices - Develop university policies and standards to continuously protect and secure the institution's data and information resources as well as comply with and maintain legal and contractual requirements.