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The Importance of Updating Software

Your data is valuable. As the world grows evermore connected via the internet, bad actors have greater opportunities to inappropriately access your data. If your valuable data ends up in the hands of a bad actor, the data can be used to cause financial, personal, and legal harm to yourself and others. Fortunately, you have the power to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of cybercrime!

Updating software

We use various software packages daily to perform our jobs, complete banking transactions, communicate with healthcare providers, purchase goods, and for personal enjoyment such as using a streaming service or playing a videogame.   

When a company develops software, they do so with security in mind. However, humans are not perfect and make mistakes when creating software products which can ultimately lead to vulnerabilities in the software. Companies regularly create patches or updates for identified vulnerabilities in their products to maintain security and keep their customers safe. Once a company creates a security update and shares it with their customers, it is up to the customer to apply the updates to ensure their data remains safe.

Software vulnerabilities are a primary avenue bad actors use to access personal or otherwise sensitive data. Keeping your software up to date greatly reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim of cybercrime!


The Information Security Office at Ohio University has resources on its website to help you compute securely. Visit the Secure Workspaces page to learn more about securing remote work, securing your personal computer, and securing your browser, among other topics. 


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